Photo Credit - Tara Montgomery c/o SPCA with permission to Entercom New York LLC

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This week's Furry Fans of the Week: LINDA!!!


This little lady knows what 2019’s going to bring…LOTS of cheering for her team! LINDA is ready to curl up on your lap to watch her Buffalo Sabres with you…and she’ll completely understand when you jump up the next time Skinner lands one in the net. Start your new year off with a warm, friendly feline and adopt 2-year-old Linda from the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter! Visit for more information, or call SPCA Adoptions: 716-875-7360, ext. 233!

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This Week's Furry Fan of the Week

Photo Credit - Missy Kennedy c/o SPCA with permission to Entercom Buffalo LLC
January 04, 2019 - 4:25 pm
This week’s WGR Furry Fan also happens to be first draft choice for the all-new ULLMARK’S BARKS program with Buffalo Sabre Linus Ullmark! CHYNA DOLL is your holiday miracle…Christmas angel…and Buffalo sports fan all rolled into one….not to mention she was one of Linus’ favorites when he toured the...
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Check out past Furry Fans of the Week!

MILEY is ready to lead Santa’s sleigh right over to your house, especially if it means she’ll be able to stay with you! This WGR #FurryFan is making no secret of her loyalty to her Buffalo Sabres, and she’s ready to watch the rest of the ’18-’19 season keeping your lap…and home…warm! See if Miley is still available at! And remember, the SPCA Radiothon is on the air Thursday, December 13, 6:00 am – 6:00 pm! Details at !

This week’s WGR #FurryFan, Martin, has a great deal to celebrate…and so do his fellow furry fans! Buffalo teams have turned things around a little bit, and the four-footed fans are thrilled to have the two-footed fans to root side-by-side! Make Martin your Christmas present to yourself this year! Meet him at the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter and your spirits will be merry and bright in no time! Call SPCA Adoptions for details, 716-875-7360, ext. 207, or visit! Remember, the Radiothon is happening Thursday, December 13, right at the SPCA!

Two-year-old Angelfish is an affectionate, friendly, and sweet young cat. He loves playing with any toy that comes his way! He enthusiastically pounces on them and carries them around like prized trophies! When he gets tired of playing, he seeks out warm and welcoming laps to sleep on. Meet him at the SPCA!

Looks as though JACK, our 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, predicted how things would go with his Buffalo Bills and the N.Y. Jets! He and his bros at the SPCA apparently were good luck charms when members of the Bills visited the SPCA last week...maybe he can be your very own good luck charm at home! See if Jack is still available for adoption by visiting, or call SPCA Adoptions, 716-875-7360, ext. 207! See photos of the Bills’ visit to the SPCA HERE!

Bonded Boxers MOLLY & SHYANNA, this week’s WGR #FurryFans, figure they can double up on luck to their Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres! They also know YOU can double up on love and devotion if you bring them both home! Right now is the perfect time, too; through November 12, their adoption fees are half off, and if you’re a veteran, their fees are COMPLETELY WAIVED! Meet Molly and Shyanna at the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter! Find out more by calling SPCA Adoptions, 716-875-7360, ext. 233, or visit !

At least our WGR Furry Fan can keep smiling when she’s thinking about her Buffalo Bills! Although she may be a fair weather pet, Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig ORCHID is definitely no fair weather fan! And when the Bills let her down, there’s always the Sabres to think about! Yes, the SPCA Serving Erie County even has farm animals up for adoption, and Orchid is here to prove it! Meet her today at the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter!

Scarlet is a fan of all Buffalo teams! She's a silly happy girl who likes to go for walks, will give you two paws up when her teams score, and she’s always happy to cuddle up during the big games! It's not often a Neapolitan Mastiff finds her way to the SPCA, but this one did . . . and with looks like these, she won’t be here for long! Visit her at 300 Harlem Road in West Seneca!

DYSON’s such a handsome WGR #FurryFan, his face should be on a license plate! He’s not only happy representing the state and the city…he’s representing our Buffalo teams! Only 8 months, this puppy is still learning that our Buffalo teams have what it takes to sweep up the competition…and hopefully this year it’ll lead to play-offs! See if Dyson is still available at the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter by visiting or call SPCA Adoptions, 716-875-7360, ext. 207!


IVY knows her SABRES are going to need a little extra something this season. This 2-year-old Cane Corso mix is considering herself their good luck charm. The SPCA Serving Erie County doesn’t see many Cane Corso purebreds or mixes, so she knows she’s rare…and as this week’s WGR #FurryFan, she knows she has a responsibility: to be the best fan she can be, win or lose! Learn more about Ivy by visiting, or come to the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter! For more information, call SPCA Adoptions: 716-875-7360, ext. 207!

ROMY’s still got this look on his face. He’s looked like this since Josh Allen’s game-day jump….and he plans on keeping this smile all season. This week’s WGR 5-year-old Miniature Pinscher #FurryFan can fit right on that recliner with you as you cheer the Buffalo Bills on to victory!! See if Romy is still available at the SPCA Serving Erie County’s 300 Harlem Rd, West Seneca shelter by visiting, or call the SPCA at 716-875-7360, ext. 207!