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Alicia G. - Quick and Easy Pulled Chicken Sliders

August 27, 2018 - 2:40 pm

Check out this Country Sweet Tailgate Recipe Contest runner up!

Alicia G. from Tonawanda

Alicia's recipe is for Quick and Easy Pulled Chicken Sliders!

  1. In a crockpot (High heat setting) place 2 tbsp of butter. Let it melt away like the Bills playoff drought did... hopefully this wont take 17 years.
  2. While butter is melting, tear and shred a pre cooked, plain rotisserie chicken. Add pieces to crockpot. Use Country Sweet Sauce of choice and aggressively toss it on top the way you might toss a friend through a folding tailgate table. Use as much as needed to coat the chicken.
  3. Mix together and let heat for 1 hour or so. 
  4. Scoop onto slider bun and serve. Feel free to top with extras like onions, blue cheese, cheddar, etc. Eat with caution as these get messy, expect for the jabroni who shows up in the Brady jersey- sorry bro, no napkins left.
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