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Jason M. - Country Sweet Pulled Pork Sandwich with Blue Cheese Slaw

August 28, 2018 - 3:26 pm

Check out this Country Sweet Tailgate Recipe Contest runner up!

Jason M. from Attica

Jason's recipe is for Country Sweet pulled pork sandwich with blue cheese slaw!


  • 1 6 to 8 pound pork butt
  • Dry rub homemade or store bought
  • Classics yellow mustard
  • Store bought bagged slaw mix
  • Blue cheese dressing homemade or store bought
  • Crumbly blue cheese
  • Pickled japelenos 
  • And country sweet original 


  • Preheat smoker to 210 degrees
  • Prepare the pork butt but rinsing with water then pat dry with paper towel then cover butt with yellow mustard massage it in then liberally cover the mustard with the dry rub. Place the pork butt on the smoker with a large handful of applewood wood chips and cook the pork butt for 10 to 14 hours or until the pork is 'pullable'  remove the pork and cover with foil and let rest at least all hour. Using hands or forks pull the pork in to shreds place in a container and mix in the country sweet to desired meat to sauce ratio
  • Now to make the slaw dump in bag of cabbage slaw mix in to a bowl and mix in blue cheese dressing stir til combined. To build sandwich first split large sesame bun place a thin layer or mayonnaise on the bottom bun the stack on the desired amount of pickled japeleneos then add a heaping layer or the country sweet pork followed by the blue cheese slaw finally sprinkle some crumbly blue on top of the slaw and top with the bun
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