Allen already embracing Daboll's coaching: 'I love it'

The Bills' offensive coordinator did a lot of one-on-one teaching last weekend

Sal Capaccio
May 14, 2018 - 11:06 pm

Photo: Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills)


After almost every play on the first day of rookie minicamp Friday, Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll went straight to the team’s prized first-round quarterback. He could be seen mostly going over footwork and sometimes arm mechanics, as well, with Josh Allen. 

But it was never a one-way conversation. Allen listened, then talked, then listened again before retreating back to the huddle for the next play.  

That one-on-one coaching and communication is something Allen said he not only loves to get, but wants to continue even after rookie minicamp, when the veterans show up, too. 

“I hope so,” he told reporters immediately after his first pro minicamp practice last Friday. “I love it. [Daboll’s] got a lot of enthusiasm in him. Obviously, he’s been around a lot of great quarterbacks, so he knows what he’s doing, he knows what he’s talking about. Anything that he says, I take that very dearly. I want to be molded by him and just anything that he says, for me [I need] to grasp that concept of whatever he’s talking about, embed it into my mind, and then carry it out and do it on the field.”

That early learning and improving from day-to-day, pass-to-pass, is more important to head coach Sean McDermott right now than completing passes or throwing touchdowns.  It’s all part of “the process,” of course.

“We embrace, you’ve heard me say before, whether it’s Josh or anyone else on our roster or this weekend, is we embrace that growth mindset,” McDermott said prior to the session. “We believe in learning on the job, so there’s going to be, if you take that approach of continual improvement, it’s shown over the years that you’ll end up where you’re trying to end up, or at least closer to where you’re trying to end up in terms of your goals. Anyone coming in here this weekend, and that includes me, (knows) we are not where we need to be and you can say the same thing for our roster of guys right now. There’s a big gap between where we are and where we’re trying to go and that’s why we stress so much ‘the process’ around here and what goes in to where we’re trying to get to.”


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