Beane: 'You’ve got to have a franchise quarterback'

The Bills general manager has stayed consistent about the quarterback position since taking over in Buffalo

Sal Capaccio
April 16, 2018 - 6:56 pm

Photo: Sal Capaccio (@SalSports)

Ever since Brandon Beane became the general manager of the Buffalo Bills a little less than a year ago, he’s made it clear that the No. 1 priority of someone in his position, and the best way to win consistently and challenge for titles in the NFL, is to find and have a franchise quarterback in place.

He reiterated that sentiment Monday afternoon while meeting with reporters 10 days before the 2018 NFL Draft kicks off.

“You’ve got to have a franchise quarterback,” he said. “That’s one of the main jobs of a GM, is to find a franchise quarterback.  It’s a quarterback league.  I’ll say it every single time.  You have to have one.”

Obviously the challenge is actually being able to do that. Identifying, acquiring, and developing that quarterback.  

As far as identifying one in this year’s draft, Beane said he and his staff are close to finalizing their draft board, but not there quite yet.

“We haven’t finalized every position, but we’re pretty close,” he said. “I’d say we have it down to some clumps. Maybe you’ve got several DBs in the third round, I’m just making this up but, [we’d say] ‘okay, if we got into the third round and you’ve got these three corners and they’re all close,’ anybody like that, we’re just kind of going back and watching film. If they were all three there and they were the best players on the board, which one would you go first, which one would you go second, which one would you go third? So we’ve got them close to where their final resting place will be, so to speak, but that’s kind of what we’re doing now. Scouts are here, and we’re basically going around, trying to settle some arguments in the room of how each of us sees these guys.

“When I say close, just ordering [the quarterbacks] how we would select them if all of them were there. If we were the Cleveland Browns at (pick) one, what the order would be.”

Once they’ve put the signal-callers in order and identified the one quarterback or multiple quarterbacks they like a lot and possibly want to target via a trade up, then comes the challenge of moving up from No. 12, which takes a team to want to move down, even if Beane wants to move up.

“We’re at 12, and I don’t know what’s going to be there at 12,” he said. “I don’t know what quarterback will be there. I don’t know if we’re going up, going down. That’s really how it is as I sit there. I know everybody assumes we’re trading up. First of all, I said it before, even if I wanted to trade up right now, even if I said ‘I know the guy I want to get, and I need to get to this spot,’ it takes a partner to do it and be willing to move out.”





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