Bills' McDermott ends camp at St. John Fisher on a high note

The head coach wouldn't address how much the quarterbacks will play on Friday

Paul Hamilton
August 15, 2018 - 2:13 pm

Photo courtesy of @BuffaloBills

Pittsford, NY (WGR 550) - The Bills wrapped up training camp at St. John Fisher with a 90-minute practice on Wednesday. After Friday’s preseason game in Cleveland, the rest of camp will be in Orchard Park.

A lot goes into moving your whole football operation to Pittsford and Sean McDermott wanted to make sure everybody knows he appreciates what is done for him and the team, “I want to thank everyone associated with training camp, the St. John Fisher staff. It was a phenomenal training camp and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate coming up here and everyone opening up their arms and embracing us in this short period of time and really bending over backwards for us here.

“That goes for our fans up here as well. It’s great to connect with our fan base and really get one-on-one and see them and they see us. That’s all part of the platform that we have as members of the NFL.”

McDermott claims he’s a believer in getting out of Orchard Park for a few weeks so the team can bond together. He said even though they run into situations like Tuesday where practice was postponed for almost eight hours, he’s still OK with the overall experience, “I am very much so and nothing has changed to sway me from this camp. We had a little bit of rain yesterday, but for the most part in two years, the weather up here has been great. We’ve gotten our work done in the morning for the most part and then we get a pop up thunderstorm every once in a while, which all of that I have to factor in going away to camp.

“We have good facilities up here, the fans and the crowds have embraced us and it’s a chance for us to connect with our fan base, which is phenomenal. I believe when you’re trying to build a team and ask a group of guys to come together, that getting away is important.”

Even on a day where the players are moving out and heading back to Buffalo, many players still stayed and interacted with fans. McDermott likes how his players handle that part of being a Buffalo Bill, “Watching our young men connect with our fan base after practice, sometimes before, but also after practice. I certainly appreciate the time that our guys spend going over to the fence and watching them connect with the fans, with some young children and some older folks as well. I think that speaks well for our organization and I’m a big believer in what happens off the field carries into what happens on the field.”

Corey Coleman has seen enough practice time that he will playing in Cleveland. McDermott said, “We’re getting to the point now where it needs to be the former in terms of ‘here’s the playbook, you’ve got to know it.’ There will be some clarity around what his role is Friday night, so the biggest thing is that we want him to come out, play fast, and play physical.”

For some reason, McDermott thinks that it’s very important to keep who is playing and when on Friday a huge secret. The head coach said the players have been told, “We’ve got a plan and we’ll just wait and see. The guys are all going to play, you guys know that. They will rotate in there, all of them, and we expect them to play well. I have addressed it with the players before this morning and they know the plan and we’ll just leave it at that.”

McDermott talked a lot about the quarterbacks who also spoke after practice. Sal Capaccio told me he will be writing about all that in his training camp article.

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