Bills' McDermott said starting Allen is what's best for the team

The head coach wasn't willing to give his reasons for starting Josh Allen

Paul Hamilton
September 12, 2018 - 12:53 pm

Photo courtesy of @buffalobills

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550) - Sean McDermott confirmed on Wednesday that Josh Allen will start at quarterback on Sunday against the Chargers. Allen played most of the second half in Baltimore after Nathan Peterman had a horrendous performance. Allen went 6-of-15 for 74 yards. He had no touchdowns and no interceptions. McDermott decided he wasn't going to give his reasons why, “I don’t feel a need to elaborate, we talk a lot in house about decisions, about things and what we've got to do, the right move at the right time and right now, this is the right move for us.”

McDermott answered numerous follow-up questions with, “It’s the right move for our football team.”

Allen got his first taste of real NFL action against the Ravens and McDermott’s takeaway was, “I thought his command of the offense was there, there were some things he did well in getting us in and out of the huddle, which those are the things you don’t take for granted when a young player is out there and then after the snap, executed fairly well at times and then there was other times where we need to execute better, he moved well within the pocket and then outside of the pocket.”

When you look at it from Allen’s point of view, why is it the right move? McDermott said, “He’s going to get valuable experience from where he’s going to be, behind the steering wheel.”

McDermott said he talked with Brandon Beane about the decision, but the ultimate decision is his. He also said he tells Kim and Terry Pegula about all his decisions.

Having Peterman start game one was an obvious mistake. McDermott is the head coach of a NFL football team and he should know if a player is not going to be a NFL player. Despite that, McDermott has no regrets, “I felt like it was the right move and I’ll take that to my grave, I’m always going to try to make the right move for our football team.

“Sometimes it’s going to work out, sometimes it’s not, and as a leader, I stand by both the ones that work out and the ones that don’t.”

McDermott said there will be no changes to the starting offensive line. He also said that Kelvin Benjamin and Charles Clay must be better.

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