The Bills need to be done with Peterman and Benjamin

Josh Allen's injury forced Nathan Peterman into a situation he couldn't handle

Paul Hamilton
October 14, 2018 - 6:18 pm

Photo: Kevin Jairaj - USA TODAY Sports


(WGR 550) - There are things I like about Sean McDermott’s coaching style. I like how he is able to get players to play above what they may think they’re capable of. I like how he along with defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier have drastically improved the defense.

On the plane ride home from Houston, Kim and Terry Pegula should be asking some serious questions to McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane.

The first and most important question should be how they evaluate quarterbacks. Neither man has shown any ability at all to evaluate NFL quarterbacks.

McDermott and Beane have a blind spot for Nathan Peterman and it cost them a game in Houston. These men are paid not to be fooled by the preseason where Peterman was the best of the three quarterbacks. McDermott is coaching in the NFL and he should be able to know when a player is overmatched.

In his first NFL start against the Chargers, Peterman threw five first half interceptions and his day was done. He was so bad to start this season that the Bills had to go with Josh Allen long before he was ready to play. They had to go to Allen, because Beane botched bringing in a veteran.

AJ McCarron was a huge mistake as he showed in training camp that he can’t play either. He may have also drafted the wrong quarterback, but we are a long ways away from knowing that. Allen had shown us that he was not ready to play as each week, he keeps getting worse. Patrick Mahomes sat and learned for a year and the Bills needed to set things up that way for Allen, but didn't. 

Derek Anderson had been available all season. Why wasn’t he brought in after the Baltimore game? Had they done that then, Peterman could be out of football and preparing for his new career, but McDermott’s blind spot won out and the Texans are now 3-3 instead of the Bills.

Allen hurt his elbow, which forced Peterman into the game because Anderson was inactive. Yes, Peterman did throw a beautiful touchdown pass to Zay Jones to give Buffalo its first lead of the game, but he was worse than awful after that.

There was still most of the fourth quarter left after Buffalo took the lead. The Bills have a quarterback that has no business being in professional football and he wasted a great effort by the defense. Deshaun Watson was pressured the whole game and was forced into numerous mistakes. The Bills sacked Watson seven times, forcing him into three fumbles and two interceptions.

Penalties really hurt the Bills, including a pass interference penalty on Phillip Gaines that put the ball on the one-yard line. The defense stiffened and forced the Texans to settle for a field goal to tie the game.

With 1:34 left in the game, Peterman got the ball on the Bills' 25-yard line. His first pass was poorly thrown to Kelvin Benjamin, but the second pass is what lost the game. Peterman, again went to Benjamin and never saw Johnathan Joseph jump the route and easily intercept the pass. Joseph trotted 28 yards for the game-winning touchdown.

Peterman had one last chance, but threw another pick to Kareem Jackson to end it. I’m sitting here writing and it’s just mind-boggling to me how McDermott could ever even consider keeping Peterman after the Baltimore game. Against the Ravens, Peterman was 5-of-18 for 24 yards and two interceptions. In this game, Peterman was 6-of-12 for 61 yards and two interceptions. In his short NFL career, Peterman is 35-of-79, which is a completion rate of 44-percent with three touchdowns and nine interceptions. 

The other thing that’s mind-boggling is that Benjamin is on this team. McDermott talks all the time about having quality people inside his locker-room. He wants quality individuals over talent any day, yet Beane brings in a guy he was involved in drafting in Benjamin. I can’t think of a player that has seemed more disinterested in being on this team than Benjamin. He finally caught a few passes against Houston, but most games he looks like he’s just going through to motions. I think he showed us what kind of person he is when he blasted his former quarterback in Cam Newton blaming him for Benjamin's career in Carolina. A quality individual doesn't go public with that stuff. 

Before the game, Jenna Cottrell of 13WHAM in Rochester reported that during the pre-game warmups, Allen asked Benjamin if he wanted to work on routes and Benjamin said no. McDermott did seem upset about that after the game and all he would say is he’s going to look into it. I can tell you this, Jenna wouldn’t have reported it if it didn’t happen so McDermott’s investigation should lead to Benjamin being waived along with Peterman on Monday.


Don’t get me wrong, Peterman is a very good person and from what I understand, is a great teammate, but you can’t keep somebody that is that overmatched when he’s playing.

If I were the Pegulas, I’d be asking Beane what he was thinking bringing a person like Benjamin onto the team. Beane got rid of Sammy Watkins, Marcell Dareus and Ron Darby because they didn’t fit the program that McDermott was developing. The Pegulas and the fans deserve some hard answers from their coach and GM. 

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