Bills' offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is bringing Josh Allen along slowly

Daboll has Allen working with the third team offense

Paul Hamilton
June 06, 2018 - 2:15 pm

Photo: Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills)


Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550) - The man in charge of developing the Bills' prized rookie quarterback is Brain Daboll.

The former Alabama offensive coordinator has been working with Josh Allen through the OTAs and has liked what he’s seen. The rookies are learning more than just the playbook according to Daboll, “Been doing this a long time with rookies at all different positions. It’s such a learning experience for all the rookies, whether it’s a quarterback, running back, tight end. Not only are they coming to a new system and having to adapt and learn an offensive system, they have to learn the people in the building, they have to find a place to live, they have so many different things they have to learn.

“I think Josh is a mature guy who’s handled his responsibilities the right way. He comes in everyday, works hard and proves [himself], listens to the veterans, listens to the coaches. If he makes a mistake one day, he works really hard trying to fix it the next day. He has the right attitude.”

Allen has not been practicing with the first or second units, but Daboll doesn’t think that’s a problem at all, “He’s had plenty of reps. He’s working with the threes right now, but he gets enough opportunity to keep on advancing and progressing in the system, continue in terms of scripting of giving him different plays, putting him in different situations. I think with any young guy, that’s what you need to do in terms of building him from ground level.”

Daboll has a philosophy that incorporated many different blocking schemes and plays. The new offensive coordinator said that’s essential in today’s NFL, “You need to try to do what you need to do each week to win. Whether it’s a zone, a gap scheme, you have to have a variety in everything you do. Whether it’s gap schemes sometimes this week, zone schemes sometimes this week, a mix of both, you have to have, I’d say, an expansive playbook because you have to dictate tempo offensively, but there’s also a part of scheming and seeing what the defense gives you and trying to attack those weaknesses.”

So the question is, will that be too complicated for Allen to learn? Daboll said, “I think with every player you have, that’s our job as a coach to tell them what to do, to show them how to do it and really accept no excuses. Again, whether it’s Josh, AJ, Nate, Kelvin, whatever it is, each player, our job is to go back and see what they do and try to evaluate it and give them some type of correction, whether it’s positive or something you can do a little bit better to improve.”

Very often, Daboll is working one-on-one with Allen during practice. He feels that interaction with players is important, “I think that the biggest thing for a coach is to be truthful. Don’t sugarcoat things. If it wasn’t done the proper way, than give them the reason why it wasn’t done and then give them a better way to do it. That’s your job as a coach. Whether you have to get your point across by raising your voice, giving them a hug, I think every guy is different and responds different.”

This week, the Bills had OTAs on Monday and Tuesday with Wednesday being an off day. The team will be back on the field Thursday, and then will get ready for their three-day mandatory mini-camp starting on Tuesday.

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