CAPACCIO: Inside Zone vs. Outside Zone blocking (video)

What's the difference and how will it impact the Bills run game?

Sal Capaccio
July 12, 2017 - 6:32 pm

Photo: Kevin Hoffman - USA TODAY Sports


The Bills run-blocking scheme was made up a lot of “inside zone” last year on their way to leading the NFL in rushing for the second straight season. This year, under new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, they’ll be shifting to primarily an “outside zone” blocking scheme.

So what’s the difference? What does “zone blocking” even mean?  

Former Bills WR and current John Murphy Show co-host Donald Jones, along with others from the show, helped me demonstrate and explain the differences between the two schemes.

The main points I wanted to emphasize and hope I made easy to understand for everyone were:

1. Covered vs. uncovered linemen and how that changes the initial block in either scheme;

2. The difference in first steps for OL on inside zone runs vs. outside zone runs;

3. How OL react once engaged with the DL;

4. The difference in aiming point/first step for the RB on inside zone runs vs. outside zone runs;

5. What the RB reads once he has the ball;

Hope you enjoy the video demonstration:

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