Former Sabres defenseman Gorges announces his retirement

Josh Gorges came to Buffalo in a trade with Montreal

Paul Hamilton
January 14, 2019 - 3:40 pm

Photo: Stan Szeto - USA TODAY Sports


Edmonton, AB (WGR 550) - Former Sabres defenseman Josh Gorges has announced his retirement. Gorges played 223 of his 783 NHL games in Buffalo.

Gorges opened his career playing 96 games in San Jose before playing 464 games in Montreal.

In a statement Gorges said, “I am very fortunate and grateful to have been able to play the incredible game of hockey at the highest level for as long as I did! The friendships I have made along the way because of hockey are the ones that will last forever. I still believe hockey is the greatest game on earth, and it has taught me how to be a man, how to be a teammate, how to push myself to places I never thought possible. It has set me up to be successful in my life after hockey, and for that I will forever be grateful!”

He wrote about all three teams he played for. As for the Sabres, Gorges said, “To the Buffalo Sabres, I want to thank you for being a classy organization that treated me and my family with respect! I am honored to have been a part of your organization and it is great to see you guys taking steps forward.”

Gorges was in Buffalo for the first three years of Jack Eichel’s career. Gorges was one of the captains in Buffalo, and Eichel is now the captain of the team. Eichel smiled when thinking of his former teammate, “Congrats to him, great career.

“He’s somebody that defied a lot of odds, he did whatever it took to get to the NHL, I mean he’d put his face in front of a shot for the team, he was just a team first guy and I really enjoyed playing with Gorgie and having him as a teammate and it’s great to see he had such a great career.”

Jake McCabe was on the defense with Gorges. He said, “I came in here as a young kid and sat right next to him in the room and he was really great to me, he really embraced me and showed me the ropes and what a true professional was really and he came to work every single day, put his body in harm’s way every single night and he’s somebody I definitely looked up to.”

Personally, Gorges was one of the most accountable and honest athletes I’ve ever dealt with. Win or lose he would be there to answer questions and he wouldn’t sugarcoat it. He would give an honest answer and never dodged an issue. He’s one of the true professionals I’ve been around in this game.

Both Eichel and McCabe will talk more on the pre-game show with Brian Koziol starting at 8:00.

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