Ledyard: 'Mayfield has all the makings of a franchise quarterback'

The NFL Draft expert joined Schopp and the Bulldog on Tuesday

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December 05, 2017 - 5:52 pm

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It's almost the end of the NFL regular season, which means it's almost time for months of picking apart draft eligible quarterbacks. Schopp & the Bulldog got a head start on that with NFL Draft expert Jon Ledyard. 

Here's some of the best from Ledyard's time with the guys. 


On Wyoming QB Josh Allen:
"He's got the tools, but failed to put it all together. Made poor decisions, mechanically there's some things he lacks. He's got a cannon of an arm, he's 6' 5", but he doesn't know what to do with all these tools. Allen is not a guy that's ready to play right away. Landing spot is going to be crucial. He's going to spearhead a lot of the draft conversation."

On what the line should be for first round quarterbacks:
"Want to say four. I can see it being three or five. If Sam Darnold comes out, I think you'll see Josh Rosen as the first quarterback off the board. Darnold will also go Round 1. Baker Mayfield could go late Round 1. Three or four is probably the best line."

On Baker Mayfield specifically:
"Not every team, but a lot of teams have a certain prototype in mind. I think it's a foolish way to do things. Not going to overthink that Baker Mayfield has put up the two most efficient seasons in college football. He's going to win the Heisman, very indicative of his performance. He's a quick processor, quick release, but also has the arm to throw off platform. Nothing scares him as a quarterback, can create offense with his legs, not a whole lot he's missing. Coaches are going to look at this guy and think, this is a guy I can go to war with. All the makings of a franchise quarterback."

On who could be looking at QB early in draft:
"There are several teams drafting high that won't need a quarterback. In the dark with what'll happen with the Giants. The Colts are another one, Andrew Luck's health is worth watching. Denver needs a quarterback more than anyone, but I think John Elway goes after a veteran like Kirk Cousins. Jets looking for guy for future, Buccaneers aren't looking, Cardinals looking for future too. Browns too, but not a lot of teams in top-10 who are defiantly looking for quarterback."

On if Bills will move up for QB:
"If you look at the Bills, they're the most prime team in the league to move up. San Francisco is in a position with Garoppolo, that they can control the draft. Trade down, stock pile picks, and rebuild. Potentially, the Browns will pass on quarterback, and the second pick will be for sale if [San Franciso] is there. Washington if they lose Cousins, Buffalo, and Chargers would be candidates to move up.​"

A ton of great draft talk with Jon Ledyard, and you can hear all of it below:

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