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From the Locker Room: Sabres-Blues

Hear from Robin Lehner, Evan Rodrigues, Jack Eichel and Phil Housley following the 3-2 OT loss in St. Louis on Sunday night

December 10, 2017 - 10:25 pm

The Buffalo Sabres took to the ice on Sunday night to take on the high-flying St. Louis Blues, with hopes of bouncing back after the team's overtime loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday. Unfortunately for Buffalo, the song remained the same as the Sabres dropped another overtime game on the road by a final score of 3-2.

Go inside the locker room to hear from Robin Lehner, Evan Rodrigues, Jack Eichel and Phil Housley following the loss:


Robin Lehner:

On the effort: "It was a nice point, but sucks that we lost. It was nice that Evan [Rodrigues] got two nice goals, though."

On the OT goal: "Well, I think [Vladimir] Tarasenko had a lot of good chances today. Obviously he's a skilled player, I didn't want him to get a shot off so I did a poke check, maybe a second too early. It went off my stick and went in. Hell of a player, hell of a shot."



Evan Rodrigues:

On the team's different play in the third period: "I think in the first two [periods], we gave them a little too much respect. Obviously they're a good team, but we let them make plays and we let them have the puck. I think in the third, we played a little more free. We knew we had to take it to them, we had nothing to lose. I think that's when we played their best."

On the team's second intermission discussion about the game: "We knew it was only a two-goal lead, one goal changes the whole game. We got [the one goal] pretty early and kept taking it to him and it was nice to cap that off. Again, we'd like to get the two points, but we came out with one, at least."



Jack Eichel:

On what fueled the third period comeback: "We played hard, we competed, and tried to take the puck to the net. We got in battles, and we were pretty good on the rush. I thought we just didn't respect them as much; didn't try to take the play to them."

On the results of the team's roadtrip: "I think it should have been a 6-out-of-6 [points] roadtrip, at least. Opportunity tonight in overtime, another good one in Chicago, just two points we should have."



Phil Housley:

On the team's viewpoint of the St. Louis Blues: "I thought we respected them too much. I'm not saying that's a good hockey team, that's a very good hockey team, but until we got settled in and took some of the second period away and got back in the game, we let them have their way. We have to start games that way, especially with the position we're in. We should be more of a desperate team at the start of the game, like the previous two games we played." 

On Robin Lehner's play: "Robin's been terrific, especially on this roadtrip. He's made some key saves for us. He's kept us at a good number so that we can come back, or win a game in Colorado."

On Evan Rodrigues' great game: "He's got a good nose for where to be, and positions himself well to be in the right position at the right time. Sometimes in games, the puck follows you. It was following him tonight. He has some good speed, good lateral movement, and he gets into those areas to score. It was good to see him get on the board."


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