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From the Locker Room: Sabres-Devils

Read some comments from Evander Kane, Ryan O'Reilly, Nathan Beaulieu and Phil Housley following the Sabres' loss to the Devils on Monday

October 10, 2017 - 12:36 pm

After an ugly 6-3 loss to the New York Islanders on Saturday night, the Buffalo Sabres follow that up with another ugly loss on Monday, 6-2 to the New Jersey Devils at KeyBank Center. The Sabres' defense struggled, leaving goalie Chad Johnson hanging out to dry on more than one occasion. Buffalo also gave up another shorthanded goal on Monday; making it four shorthanded goals in their three games this season.

Take a venture inside the locker room to hear from the players, and head coach Phil Housley on Buffalo's third loss of the season:


Nathan Beaulieu:

On the team's overall performance: "It's just not good enough. Myself to start off, just the last two games [I've had] those plays where you turn the puck over and it's in the back of your net. It can't happen. The good thing is that we're just three games into the season and no one is going to panic. We've got a big trip coming up, we've got to press reset here, and it's a long season. That's all we can look forward to."

On the Devils: "You have to give them a lot of credit; they came in and jumped on us. They were the hungrier team tonight. The answer is in the dressing room. We don't have to go soul searching right now. The guys that are going to do the job are in here, and we just gotta relax. We have to remember we're three games in, and there's no panic."

Why he picked a fight with Miles Wood: "I was obviously frustrated with how the game was going. Just tried to find a spark, and it was something that I thought was needed by our team."


Ryan O'Reilly:

We're in a huge hole early: "It's two games now where we go on the [powerplay], we're excited and we think we're going to have success. Then we get lackadaisical and it's in the back of our net. [We get] in a big hole, and you can just see the life get sucked out of us. It's tough to stay confident when that happens. It just hurt us tonight, and we have to be better that way. There's many things we have to do differently, and it's not just one thing, it's a pile of things. The main things I can control is myself. The last three games I've been useless, and it's not good enough."

How's Phil Housley handling the struggles?: "I think he's been handling it well. We know what we need to do. They guys in the room, including myself, can preach all they want, but when it comes down to it we're the guys that  go on the ice. You can tell guys are really disappointed, but we had a small thing about getting regrouped. Everyone's gotta take a look and see what they could do differently."

On his own game right now: "It's not where I need to be. Sometimes I make a good play, but my consistency is not there. I'm not winning nearly enough battles, and it's gotta start there. It's gotta start with the work ethic and being harder to play against."


Evander Kane:

On the speed of the team: "We don't look very fast. We don't look like we're winning the battles to be successful. It was a good example of what hard work, compete and team speed looks like from [the Devils]."

On the team's struggles: "I don't want to call it a lack of effort, but a lack of focus and not bearing down on pucks, being hard to win battles and play against. For us, that something we all have to look at individually and be much better at if we want win in this hockey league."

How to correct the struggles: "We need to be a lot harder to play against, and it's a mentality. It may not be your mentality from the past or how you play, but I think you have to have a harder mentality in terms of how you want to play. Our compete level needs to be harder, and we need to play a simpler game. The fortunate part is that we're only three games into the season."


Phil Housley:

On his team's play right now: "We're faced with adversity, but we're not facing it the right way. We're seeing a bit of a lull in our game, and we're not reacting in the right way."

Effort vs. Work: "Effort and work are two different things to me. I think the work part of it is competing and coming to play and playing for 60 minutes. We'll have spurts in our game where we look really good, and then there's other areas where we're not getting back for a break out."

On the powerplay woes: "We're just a little bit out of sync right now on our powerplay. We're getting good looks early in our games on the powerplay, and we just need to stay on course."


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