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From the Locker Room: Sabres-Lightning

Hear from Marco Scandella, Evander Kane, Robin Lehner and Phil Housley after their 2-0 loss to Tampa Bay on Tuesday

November 28, 2017 - 6:39 pm

The Buffalo Sabres were back in action at KeyBank Center on Tuesday night as they hosted the Tampa Bay Lightning. Buffalo had been off since Saturday night in Montreal, taking some much needed time away after six games in nine nights. Tampa Bay cared not, however, as they bested the Sabres by a final score of 2-0.

Hear from Marco Scandella, Evander Kane, Robin Lehner and Phil Housley following the loss:


Marco Scandella:

On the effort: "It's just not good enough to win. We're at home, we have to give a better effort. It was two bad bounces, but we just have to find a way to play better and find a way to win. It's not good enough right now."

On Tampa Bay's strong passing game, and Buffalo's lacking passing attack: "We know they were coming in, and they were a great team, but like I said, we're at home, we have to establish ourselves at home. It's our rink, our fans, and we have to be better... like you said, even passing, it's just everything. We have to be ready to play from the drop of the puck. We can't go through games not scoring goals. You can't win games like that."



Evander Kane:

On the absence of pride within the team, individuals: "I think it starts as an individual. Having pride in your performance, as an individual, to do what you do best. Play your role to the best of your ability. You have to do that game in and game out. I also think we're lacking mental preparation to come ready to play. You shouldn't have to create the emotion but sometimes you have to create it. Some nights you don't have it, and you have to find a way to create it within yourself. Play with that urgency. Battle."

On lacking offense the past two games: "When you get shutout two games in a row, you're not going to win. You're leaving your goaltenders hanging out to dry. They're playing great. You have to give them some run support. We have to find a way to score goals."



Robin Lehner:

On the team's effort: "It wasn't a bad performance. But not good enough. We're in a bad position, all of us. We have to be desperate. 'Good enough' is not enough right now. We need to claw back. We need to do something special. It's unfortunate."

Lehner echoes Scandella's comments about taking pride in playing at home: "I think, for all of us, this needs to be our arena no matter what. It should be tough to play here. You should come out of this arena with bumps and bruises. It needs to be tough to play here. I think all of us can do a better job."



Phil Housley:

On trying to rally the team by pulling the goalie with four minutes to play, in search of offense: "It would have meant a great deal because it would have brought us right back in the game. It's a funny game when you're going through difficult times. You're playing the top team in the East... the game is going, sort of, how you want it to go; we didn't give them too much and they didn't give us too much... The bottom line is, we out-chanced a team, we outshot a team, but I still don't we're making it difficult enough on the other goaltender... we have to get into the trenches."

On the team showing more pride, emotion in their craft: "I have to look at where we're at in the standings, and where the [Lightning] are at. I feel we need to play with more desperation from the start of the game. We can't be waiting and chasing games, wherein we have to then shorten the bench. All of a sudden, we have the urgency when we're sort of backed into a corner. We have to have that same attitude when we start the game. This is our own rink. We have to get out and establish the forecheck; show more emotion on the ice."


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