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From the Locker Room: Sabres-Oilers

See what from Jack Eichel, Casey Mittelstadt, Jason Pominville and Phil Housley had to say after the loss to Edmonton

March 04, 2019 - 11:01 pm

Down 3-1 in the second period, the Edmonton Oilers scored three unanswered goals over the final 3:31 of the frame to complete a 4-3 comeback over the Buffalo Sabres on Monday at KeyBank Center.

Jack Eichel scored twice in the loss, while Casey Mittelstadt netted his 10th goal of the season. Jason Pominville nearly scored, what would have been, the game-tying goal in the waning minutes of regulation, but couldn't swat the puck into a wide-open net.

Let's go inside the locker room to see what Eichel, Mittelstadt, Pominville and Phil Housley had to say following the loss:


Jack Eichel:

On keeping intermission discussions in-house: "I think what happens in the room stays in the room. I think we just came in, regrouped and played a good third period. We just weren't able to find the next goal. We had a lot of chances. We're not going to deny the fact that we had chances to get the next goal, but I think what happens in the room is our business." 

On Pominville's late chance: "It's a game of bounces and [Pominville]...he's 9 out of 10 on those. [Skinner] had a few chances, I had a few chances, I mean, we had a lot of chances. We just didn't capitalize. Give their goalie credit. I thought he made some really big saves down the stretch for them."



Casey Mittelstadt:

On not being able to put the game away: "It's frustrating. I think we were playing well too, and kind of had them backed up. We should have stepped on their throats for sure."

On playing with Pominville and Scott Wilson: "It's been good. They do a great job staying in the rights spots, making the right plays all the time. Both are really good at getting open in the offensive zone. Obviously [Wilson] made a great play to me, it was good. I thought we had more chances than we put up on the board, but there's some things to build on."



Jason Pominville:

On his missed chance: "I have no idea. I can probably take 100 shots from that area and it might never happen, but it happened tonight. It was clearly going in and I just kind of double-touched it on my way back. Just a tough feeling when you see it going in and then all of a sudden coming out."

On how Darnell Nurse broke free on tying goal: "Their [defense] had movement and they made a play on the wall. I thought there was a battle and I could come in and [Nurse] kind of got lost. That's definitely a play that I would like to have back. I mean, great pass, great shot too, but usually I probably wouldn't be in the spot I was."



Phil Housley:

On playing an incomplete game: "I'm just going to say it again. You cannot play 55 minutes in this league. Those are two points that should have been in our pocket. We gotta check for a full 60. We do that tonight, we win. It's as simple as that. It's about picking your people, doing your job defensively."

On what happened on the Nurse goal: "That's just picking up your guy. It's a [defenseman], it's a winger's responsibility. We're pinching, we're sliding up, we're squeezing off a guy. Could we have had better stick position? Yes, get stick on puck, but that guy gets behind our winger. That's his responsibility."


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