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From the Locker Room: Sabres-Red Wings

See what Victor Olofsson, Casey Mittelstadt, Jack Eichel and Phil Housley said after the 5-4 overtime loss to Detroit

March 28, 2019 - 7:49 pm

The Buffalo Sabres erased a pair of two-goal deficits, but fell to the Detroit Red Wings 5-4 in overtime at KeyBank Center on Thursday night.

Despite the defeat, Jack Eichel scored his 100th career NHL goal to tie the game late in the third period, off a feed from the freshly-recalled Victor Olofsson. It was also a milestone for Olofsson as he recorded his first career point in the National Hockey League.

Let's head inside the locker room to hear from Olofsson, Casey Mittelstadt, Eichel and Phil Housley following the loss:


Victor Olofsson:

On pregame nerves prior to his first NHL game: "I was a little nervous before [the game>, after a few shifts that kinda went away and after that I felt pretty good."

On having a shoot-first mentality on the ice: "That's always one of my goals, to shoot the puck as much as I can, and I think I did a pretty good job with that tonight. I just gotta keep working."



Casey Mittelstadt:

On overcoming two two-goal deficits: "We battled back well, I think obviously in the third being down six minutes and get those two [goals> was huge for us, and just gotta start finishing games a little bit better and finish them off in overtime."

On the team showing resiliency: "I think it was important for us to fight back, like I said, it was tough, tough to give up those two and then obviously it was a good job by us to fight back, keep going, and like I keep saying [we> gotta finish it off in overtime."



Jack Eichel:

On Victor Olofsson's debut on his wing: "He did, yes. No, I was really happy with it, I just thought he brought a really good spark to our team, I think, you know, the combination of his skill, and I think he competes hard on pucks, I think he's a smart player, and obviously an elite shot, so yeah, it was really good getting to play with him, obviously we haven't even practiced together yet but it's good to, it's good to just get out there, I think just to continue to build chemistry with him." 

On the instant chemistry with Olofsson: "He's a smart player so it's easy to play with him, he's skilled and he works hard, so we're just trying to move it, move ourselves. I thought the times where we were hard on the forecheck and we were good in the offensive zone we created, and you know, somebody like that obviously we're trying to find him to utilize that shot. I think he had a couple of chances and obviously hit the cross bar there, so just continue to try to get better."



Phil Housley:

On his overall thoughts on the loss: "...It's unfortunate, but I like the way we came back, we fought to the end, [it> gave us an opportunity to win it in overtime and...our shot selection on that one could have been better."

On what some of the recent call-ups have brought to the lineup: "It's difficult, because it's a shame, because the way we played, you know, we could've came on the right side and, you know, just what we've been through, it's tough. But, you know, the youth brought their energy, it was great to see our guys contribute too, not only bring energy but they contributed in a lot of aspects of the game."


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