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From the Locker Room: Sabres-Senators

See what Jack Eichel, Kyle Okposo, Will Borgen and Phil Housley had to say after the 4-0 loss in Ottawa

March 26, 2019 - 11:49 pm

The Buffalo Sabres suffered their 13th straight loss away from home on Tuesday night with a 4-0 shutout loss to the Ottawa Senators. Buffalo couldn't solve Senators netminder Craig Anderson, who stopped all 35 shots he faced. 

Let's head inside the locker room to see what Jack Eichel, Kyle Okposo, Will Borgen -- who made his NHL debut -- and Phil Housley said following the loss.


Jack Eichel:

On playing for pride to finish the season: "I said this before, everyone has something to play for. At this point, really, everyone has something to play for. Just the way that the last little bit's gone, it's been embarrassing for us. If you can't play for self-pride, find something, find some motivation to play for. But everything has to get better."

On teams not having pity on the Sabres: "It sucks that we're in this position, but you see it, they don't feel bad for us. Detroit's not going to feel bad for us. Montreal, [New] Jersey, these teams don't feel bad for us. Nobody feels bad for us. If you hang around and feel bad for yourself, you have problems."

Repeating the point about pride: "If you can't find something to get motivated for to play in this league, then maybe you shouldn't be here. It's important, if it's not pride, if it's for yourself, whatever it is."



Kyle Okposo:

Too many mistakes: "We were just giving up too much. We gave up two tap-ins, a power play goal and I can't even remember the first one, but it's just lack of respect for our own net. I didn't think we were ready to play tonight and that's inexcusable. I mean, we had a decent start. I think our first five minutes was pretty good and then all of a sudden our game just went in the tank. I'm running out of things to say."

On the team needing more emotion and urgency: "I don't know what to say. This is the best league in the world. Every time you get on the ice, whether you're a first-line guy, a fourth-line guy, a third-pair [defenseman], a backup goalie, you gotta respect the fact that you're in the National Hockey League. You're fighting for jobs, you're fighting for your family, a lot of different things. I just don't think that we have that sense of urgency every time that we step on the ice. We have six games left. We gotta show some emotion. We gotta play. We gotta play. That tonight was not good enough."



Will Borgen:

On his NHL debut: "I was nervous, definitely, right before the game. I think that's expected. Obviously not the outcome we wanted, but it was cool to play in my first NHL game. My partner, [Marco] Scandella made it easy to play with. He talked to me a lot on the ice. He helped me out a lot."



Phil Housley:

On Tuesday's problems: "We stunk. We stunk up the building tonight. We have a gameplan in place, we didn't execute it. It just goes back to our checking detail. We're leaving guys on the side of the net open, tap-in goals."

On losing momentum after giving up first goal: "We start the game, we're feeling the game, we're feeling good. We let one goal in and we just face that adversity when we get down."


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