From the Locker Room: Sabres-Stars

Hear from Linus Ullmark, Jack Eichel, Nathan Beaulieu and Phil Housley after Buffalo's 1-0 loss to Dallas

Derek Kramer
January 31, 2019 - 12:36 am

Photo: Jermoe Miron - USA TODAY Sports


The Buffalo Sabres failed to make up ground in the playoff race after a 1-0 loss at the hands of the Dallas Stars. Linus Ullmark made 26 saves in net in the loss, but was outdone by Stars goaltender Ben Bishop, who had a 29-save shutout. Buffalo almost had a goal from Marco Scandella, but it was negated by goaltender interference. Jamie Benn scored the lone goal of the game for the Stars. 

Let's go inside the locker room to see what Ullmark, Jack Eichel, Nathan Beaulieu and Phil Housley said after the game: 


Linus Ullmark: 

On the team moving on quickly from this loss: 

"Sucks to lose, but we've got to think forward, we've got a seven game homestand and we've got to bring the pace, bring the tempo and bring our greatest effort into those games, those are big games going forward." 

On the constant chatting with Stars captain Jamie Benn: 

"He just runs his mouth all the time. I've asked him if he would stop talking anytime soon. Those guys, they can do a little bit of what they want in this game, but he's a terrific player, you saw that goal when he got a nifty move and puts it five-hole." 



Jack Eichel: 

On Buffalo's desperation to tie the game late in the third period: 

"We had some good opportunities in the second period, but I think we just got more desperate towards the end of the game. Forecheck was probably a little better and started throwing more stuff at the net, I think that was creating opportunities for us." 

On the lack of penalties called during the game and a missed boarding call from a Benn hit on Eichel: 

"It's even, it's 1-1. They let us play, for sure, tonight. If they're going to [not make calls], that's fine with me. It's a physical game and the refs are part of the play, they have to make split second decisions on what they think is or isn't a penalty. I thought they did a fine job, we had one power play, they had one power play, other than that, they let us play.

"I probably didn't put myself in the best situation there in the boards, probably should have turned up, [Benn's] a physical player, he finished his check on me, I'm alright though."



Nathan Beaulieu: 

On the no-goal call where it was ruled Beaulieu interfered with Bishop: 

"It's a tough play, just trying to go to the net and things kind of happened quickly. I'm not going to argue the refs, they have a job to do and they make their calls, can't overturn it now, just got to live with it." 

"Honestly, it just happened really quickly, I was just driving the net. Replay, it felt like I got pushed in but it could go either way. It's tough to say, it's not going to get overturned now, so I can't really worry about it." 



Phil Housley: 

On the Sabres' slow start against Dallas: 

"Part of the game plan was to start 'on time', I just think we didn't start 'on time'. We didn't manage the first five minutes, we give them three Grade-As, one resulted in a goal. But I think after that point, once we settled in, we got to our game. I thought we got some of that period back, I thought our second and third periods were strong, particularly the third period. It was a physical game, it was a tight checking game, there wasn't a lot of room out there. The chances were very, very low, so you had to fight for all of your space." 

On the Sabres no-goal for goalie interference: 

"It's our guy going to the net and he's trying to avoid contact, he gets pushed into the goalie. At that point, I thought it was a good challenge, it could've gone either way. The call on the ice was no goal but I thought it was a good time to challenge that and unfortunately, it didn't go our way." 


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