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McCoy named in lawsuit from alleged assault and robbery incident

Ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon continues to seek justice for alleged invasion involving McCoy from July 10

August 13, 2018 - 5:19 pm

After a few weeks of uncertainty and silence, there is more news on the LeSean McCoy front involving his alleged involvement in a July 10th home invasion.

From Mike Rodak, ESPN's Buffalo Bills reporter and analyst, McCoy's ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon has filed a personal injury lawsuit against both McCoy and his friend Tamarcus Porter, a former friend and teammate of McCoy's at the University of Pittsburgh. Cordon's report was filed this past Friday in Fulton County, Georgia court.

The lawsuit remains and has been filed as civil, not criminal.

Some of the damages that were requested by Cordon in the lawsuit were upwards of $130,000 dollars-worth of jewelry that were taken during the invasion; according to the suit, "most of which was purchased by McCoy."

Aside from the damages, the basis of Cordon's lawsuit was that McCoy purposely changed security system codes on the property in order to create a hostile, hazardous situation on the premises. There were also allegations from Cordon within the lawsuit which stated that McCoy would "brutally beat his dog, and physically discipline and beat his young son." There is not, however, any further mention of police contact following these incidents.

For a more in-depth scrutinization on the matter, check out Mike Rodak's tweets on Twitter, @MikeRodak

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