McDermott is confident in his run defense

The Bills gave up nearly 300 yards on the ground to the Saints

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November 13, 2017 - 4:53 pm

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Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott lost his first home game as head coach, and it was not a good loss. The Bills fell to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, 47-10 while giving up 482 yards of total offense. McDermott now has to get his team back on track after two bad losses, as they get ready to travel to Los Angeles to face the 3-6 Chargers. 

McDermott made his regular Buffalo Football Monday appearance with Mike Schopp and the Bulldog, and here's some of the best highlights from his visit:


On losing to the Saints, and looking forward:
"You don't want to kill the patient. You want to attack the problem. Until we show we're better than that, like we did in the five wins, we have some work to do. Biggest thing is we need to play better fundamentally."

On getting back on track:
"You go through some growing pains. Going to go through some adversity, not one of us likes it at all. We'll be stronger because of it. Sometimes you face those games and situations where it seemed to snowball on you.""

When asked if he has faith in his defensive line:
"I'm confident in every guy on our team. These guys have worked hard, have stopped the run before with the same guys that were on the field yesterday."

On the struggles on offense:
"Thought we got into a rhythm, got three points. After that it was tough sledding. Had multiple 3rd and long situations, tough to convert when your in those situations."

You can listen to McDermott's entire interview with Schopp and the Bulldog below:

11-13 Sean McDermott with Schopp and the Bulldog

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