McDermott makes it crystal clear: 'Tyrod's our starter'

The Bills head coach was asked several times about the QB spot

Sal Capaccio
September 18, 2017 - 11:38 pm

Sean McDermott made it crystal clear Monday. And more than once.

Tyrod Taylor is the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, and no change is being considered. The Bills' head coach was pressed on the quarterback issue a couple times while addressing the media at his usual Monday press conference.  

Here's the transcript from Monday's press conference, with only the questions regarding the quarterback position included:

Q: [Tyrod] Taylor was 17 for 25, yesterday 125, a rather pedestrian performance. You’re two games into the season with this guy, when you talk about changes, at what point are you looking at that quarterback position? You know people out there want [Nate] Peterman already.
A: Yeah, we look at every position, I’ve said that before. Look at every position, and there’s things we can do better at every position, it’s never just one guy and that’s what you have to understand. There’s 11 guys on the field and there’s 46 guys that are dressed, so it’s never just one guy. We can all do our own part and do a better job, and that’s what I expect going forward--that we’re going to look at things hard this week, and again, try and change some things up, look at some things, and that’s what we have to do. We’re two weeks into a young season, and that’s part of it. This is part of the process. Would I have loved to see us come out yesterday with a win? Absolutely. That said, there were a lot of highlights yesterday, there were a lot of good moments in the game yesterday, and we’ve got to celebrate those and came back and say, ‘Hey, what can we do to get better?’ because it wasn’t all where it needs to be.

Q: Is it safe to conclude that the quarterback also needs to play better?
A: Well, we all do. The quarterback, myself, all parts of this football team need to do a better job. Really you say, ‘Hey, regardless of the outcome, we’ve got to continue to get better’ and that’s true. That’s what you do in the process of developing as a football team. All parts of us need to improve.

Q: Just to be clear, you said you’d look at every position in reference to Tyrod versus Peterman, are you saying that changing this week is a possibility?
A: No, Tyrod’s our starter.

Q: He’s going to stay there until further notice? And you’ve said too, Sean, that you’re concentrating on the now, but there’s also a bigger picture, and that is the development of players, including the quarterback. Is that all part of this equation?
A: In terms of?

Q: The quarterback position included, I mean I don’t know, if Nathan [Peterman] was ready to play right now, he’d be playing right now? You have some work to do there, too?
A: We do. I mean every position, this is about us moving forward as an organization, as a football team to get better and better and better, and that’s every position. What I said earlier I meant. We have to do that, we have to be honest with ourselves in what we’re getting and putting ourselves in the best possible position to win games. I expect Tyrod to come out this week and put in a good week’s work just like the rest of our football team, and come out firing come Sunday.

Q: Sean, how did you, you know you’ve been in the league long enough, you understand that, no matter who the quarterback is, I remember a time here where people wanted Frank Reich to play quarterback instead of Jim Kelly, as ludicrous as that sounds now. No matter who the quarterback is, people tend to want the other guy. When the quarterback has been such a problem here, people tend to want the other guy. How do you resist the urge to not cave to that?
A: Well, you stay with the plan. I’ve been around a couple coaches that have had, what I consider, pretty good success in this league, one of which is Andy Reid, and so I watched when he was in a similar situation. He stayed true to his plan, and you have to adjust the plan from time to time and that’s what you do. Every decision Andy made and every decision we’re trying to make is in what we believe to be the best interest of this team and this organization, both short and long term. I keep saying that, but that’s really how you stay the course. It’s an early part of the season, and look, it’s easy to lead coming off of last week and the week prior to this week and now coming off of this week. The challenge is for the leaders, myself, to get out in front of this team and for us to bounce back. That’s what we’ve got to do, and at home.

Q: To be totally crystal clear on the quarterback situation, making a change didn’t even cross your mind, it’s not going to happen, Taylor’s the guy, could you just completely clarify?
A: Yes, clarity, Taylor’s the guy, not making a change.

The Bills offense struggled to move the ball all Sunday afternoon in Carolina. The Panthers held them to 176 yards. Taylor had a solid 68-percent completion rate, but threw for only 125 yards. For the season, the Bills quarterback is 33-for-53 (62.3%) for 349 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

But the lack of ability to get the ball downfield is frustrating a lot of fans. Taylor ranks 25th out of 33 qualifying quarterbacks with an average pass through the air of 6.6 yards. He’s 31st with an average of 3.61 yards traveling through the air on completions.

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