McDermott wants his team to play with an aggressive mindset

Read what the Bills head coach had to say with Howard and Jeremy from training camp

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August 03, 2017 - 1:44 pm

It has been a long week of practices and team meetings for the Buffalo Bills and head coach Sean McDermott. The first-year head coach is getting to really know his team at this point, and will be getting ready to coach his first game of the preseason next Thursday against the Minnesota Vikings at New Era Field.

While that game seems so close, McDermott is only scratching the surface as to evaluating who he has on the roster and what his team will look like come Week 1 against the New York Jets on September 10.

"Every day, you get a little bit further along. The scale moves a little closer to the end result in terms of determining of who our 53 will be," McDermott said with Howard Simon and Jeremy White on Thursday from training camp at St. John Fisher College. "We're going on a journey, and we want to make sure that the [we know] the guys that are in the boat with us [in and out]. Not only the skill set on the field, but how much they want it. That's important. We're going to face some adversity, every team does. It's how long a group of men and women can stay together that determines how high they go and how far they'll go."

It will not be easy for McDermott and his staff to trim down his roster from 90 players to 53 for the first game of the year. McDermott had only spent a short amount of time with his players during offseason team workouts since being brought in this past January.

To get to know his players better, McDermott has been doing a team activity in which one player will tell his story before they head out on the field. This activity has not only allowed for McDermott to get to know his players, but it has also allowed the players in the locker room to form a strong team bond. This is all just part of McDermott's process that has prepared him for the 2017 season, and what is to come as head coach of the Bills.

"I enjoy the grind of training camp, the grind and preparation of the process that leads us to Sundays," McDermott said. "Getting to know these players is awesome, getting to know what inspires them and drives them; there's a number of players that have been here and have enjoyed success. There's also a number of players that have been here and haven't had the success that we need them to have. The psychological part of the job and getting to know what we can do to get the most from each and every player inspires me and our coaching staff."

In years past, the Bills have often been criticized for some questionable decisions that have led to their own demise. Whether it's a punt on a 4th and short, or the team needing a spark, history has not been too kind for the Bills.

McDermott is looking to take a new approach to how the Bills will play every game. He wants his team to play with an aggressive mindset, and put it all out on the field while not sitting back and later regretting the chances you didn't take.

"I can't ask the players and the coaches to be aggressive, and then slap them on the wrist when it doesn't work out the first time," McDermott said. "I don't want myself or our players or our coaches to have regrets when we go to bed. We're going to go out and go do our thing, be aggressive and coach to win. At times, there's coaching not to lose, and I don't believe in that. I've learned the hard way about that. If we're going down, we're going down being aggressive and with all guns blazing."

"I think it's more of a calculated aggressiveness. The research we've done leading up to a game, we're in that situation and we've got a chance to put the game away. Sometimes as a football team, as one transforms the culture and tries to turn something around that hasn't been here for 17 years, there's a lightbulb that hopefully comes on by taking that type of approach. That we are serious, we are contenders, and we are a legitimate threat to the rest of the league. That comes in time and through a process."

You can listen to McDermott's entire interview with Howard and Jeremy below:

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