McDermott: We have to work for every inch

Hear from Bills head coach Sean McDermott as he joined Howard and Jeremy on Wednesday

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April 12, 2017 - 8:13 am

It has been a busy first few months on the job for Bills head coach Sean McDermott, and it is about to get even more hectic with the NFL Draft coming up in about two weeks from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Bills have lost and added some pieces this offseason via free agency, and have already held their first round of offseason workouts from One Bills Drive.

As the Bills continue to prepare for the NFL Draft, McDermott is continuing to cement his message and get his players motivated for the new regime. While the team facilities have turned around to fit McDermott's image, the players have also embraced his mindset what he he wants to see from his team.

"The vision is to compete every day. That starts with me," McDermott said live in studio with Howard Simon and Jeremy White on Wednesday morning. "I get up every day trying to earn the right to win. I believe in that process, and in this business it's six inches the difference between winning and losing every week. I think the average margin of victory in the NFL last year was plus-or-minus-10 points. The margin for error is very small, and that means we have to out-work our opponents."

"We've talked about it around our building is being a playoff caliber team. That goes back to how we talk, our approach to free agency, our approach to the Draft, how we work out at this time of year, how we practice and then how we play whether it's a preseason or a Monday night game. It's all the same. We've got to earn the right to win and be that playoff caliber team, and then that sets us up for that Super Bowl when the time is right. But we've got to earn that. In this league, the way it works is if you get into the playoffs, you have a chance to win it all. But it's one step at a time at this point."

McDermott has reportedly been busy with other Bills staff working out some quarterbacks leading up to the NFL Draft. Buffalo has recently worked out North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky and Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer even with Tyrod Taylor coming back to the Bills on a restructured deal.

While McDermott did not clarify if they are looking to draft a quarterback this year, his goal is to make the right decisions for his team at the right time in the Draft.

"This is about making sound decisions for the Buffalo Bills organization and our fanbase, not only now and in the near future, but for the long-term as well," McDermott said. "I want to be responsible, Doug [Whaley] and I,in making the right decisions at the right time, and that means the right player at the right spot."

"In the first three rounds, we want to find guys that can come in and help us. If it's a quarterback then it's a quarterback. If that means he sits for a year, he sits for a year. This gets back to being methodical and going through the process to get the right player at the right spot."

You can hear the rest of McDermott's interview with Howard and Jeremy below:

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