McDermott: 'You cannot give up those points and win a football game'

The Bills head coach joined Schopp and the Bulldog after his media session on Monday

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September 10, 2018 - 5:00 pm

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Sunday's 47-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium has been the worst loss for Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott in his short tenure with the team.

The team struggled in all three phases of the game, allowing the Ravens to earn 369 yards of total offense in the win, as well as six offensive touchdowns. On defense, Baltimore dominated the Bills' offensive line, making things tough for both Buffalo quarterbacks Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen.

Up next for the Bills will be a tough matchup with potential AFC contenders in the Los Angeles Chargers at New Era Field on Sunday.

Just an hour after his scheduled Monday press conference with the media, McDermott joined Mike Schopp and the Bulldog on WGR. They discussed everything from the Week 1 disappointment in Baltimore, as well as the ongoing quarterback carousel and the state of the defense.

Here is some of what the second-year head coach had to say:


McDermott on the quarterback situation:

"Ultimately, I will be the one making the decision [for Week 2 and beyond]."


McDermott on Nathan Peterman's performance:

"Nate got the start, and could not move the offense as well as we would have liked. Josh [Allen] came in and did do some good things, though."


McDermott on improvements:

"We are always looking to improve our process. In terms of the roster that we inherited, in comparison to what we have to work with now, we have come a long way. There is still work to do for where we are trying to get to."


McDermott on Peterman's growth, status in the league:

"The thing that jumps out is that he is still a young player. He is going to continue to learn and grow. It is also a matter of 'what part was his doing' versus 'what part was the rest of the team's doing'. [M&T Bank Stadium] is not an easy place to play, nor an easy defense to combat."


McDermott summarizing Sunday, and Tremaine Edmunds' in-game abilities:

"Overall, you cannot give up those points and win a football game. Tremaine [Edmunds] early in the game could have done a better job, but as the game went on he showed glimpses of serious promise. He started to look comfortable, and eventually forced that fumble."


You can listen to McDermott's entire interview below:

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