Orlovsky: Allen impressed in his return

Dan Orlovsky from ESPN joined One Bills Live on Wednesday

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November 28, 2018 - 5:43 pm

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Josh Allen's return to the lineup was a triumphant one for the Buffalo Bills as the rookie quarterback had a solid game against a talented Jacksonville Jaguars defense. Allen's passing stat line wasn't a superb one, only 8-of-19 for 160 yards and a touchdown, but he added 99 yards and a touchdown rushing. 

Despite a weak stat line, Allen's return was seen as a success, according to ESPN's Dan Orlovsky. Orlovsky joined One Bills Live on Wednesday, looking into what Allen did well after missing four games with an elbow injury, as well as looking at quarterbacks around the league, and also looking into the play of UB's Tyree Jackson. 

Here is some of what he had to say: 


On Allen's improvements with pre-snap reads: 

"I just liked what I saw from him when it comes to getting to the line and going 'okay, what's really the problem with this coverage?' or 'where is the opportunity with this coverage?' and he was decisive with the football." 


On Allen's consistency: 

"There's a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL that can play good football for 60 out of 67 snaps. The really good - the starters, the franchise guys, the greats - they go 67 of 67. Now, Josh Allen is... six starts into his career. So, he's not going to be that probably not in '19, but continue to challenge himself to get there." 


On if Allen is running too much: 

"You can try and go get that four-yard run on first down and get your head cracked in, or you can just dump the ball down to that guy and let him wiggle around and get a two-yard completion. It's not that big of a difference, but it is because you don't take a hit." 

"And for those three plays a game that may happen, if you do the math, that's 50 hits a season. And you never know which one will could be the one that can take you out of "X" amount of time, we've already seen him miss some games.

"Yes, he's running too much right now. That will be part of the process for him is to understand that and execute it of 'Okay, when do I really trust those instincts and run and when do I just kick the ball out to somebody else and understand it's not worth that hit.'" 


On UB's Tyree Jackson: 

"He reminds me a lot of Josh Freeman coming out of Kansas State [in 2009]. Physically talented, there's no doubt he can make all kinds of crazy throws. He's not the run around guy that people think he is but he's a really good athlete, so he can make some plays. He has moments where I go 'Wow, that is an incredibly accurate throw.'"

"You don't see a lot of bad decisions from him, unless he's out of the pocket trying to hit the home run." 


You can listen to the entire interview below:

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