Palmer: 'It takes a certain level of maturity' to go from amateur to professional football

The quarterback consultant talked with Sal Capaccio at UB's Pro Day

Derek Kramer
March 13, 2019 - 5:54 pm

Photo: Mike DiNovo - USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills allowed the UB Bulls to use the ADPRO Sports Training Center at One Bills Drive on Wednesday afternoon to host NFL scouts for UB's Pro Day. Scouts in attendance were looking at the former UB stars in receiver Anthony Johnson and quarterback Tyree Jackson. 

Johnson ran a solid 40-yard dash time, unofficially under 4.5-seconds, while Jackson threw to former teammates and showed off his arm to scouts. Jackson has been under the instruction of quarterback consultant Jordan Palmer, who took Bills quarterback Josh Allen and New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold under his guidance last season.

Palmer had a conversation with our own Sal Capaccio regarding Jackson and Allen.

Here is some of what he had to say: 


On Josh Allen's rookie season: 

"He had a super, super successful rookie year, but I look at it a little differently. That was not a team that was going to win the Super Bowl. Doesn't mean that he didn't try to win the Super Bowl and try to win every game, but I've been around the league long enough to know that wasn't a Super Bowl roster last year and I don't think anybody would argue that." 

"But what you do want as a goal is you want him to play a bunch and you want him to end the season on a crescendo. Getting better, understanding the game better and you want momentum going into his first offseason. That was the goal that we had laid out." 


On the situation Allen is in heading into his second season: 

"For Josh to end his year with that much momentum and the confidence that everybody has in this organization and the city that 'he's our guy.' That's really all you want coming out your rookie year is experience, get a chance to watch, get a chance to play and end on a positive note." 


On the transition from college to the pros for Tyree Jackson: 

"As he gets ready for the NFL, it's one of those things where a lot is changing, they're going from amateur to professional. That's going to affect not just them, but the people in their circle. When you're in college, you pick the school you want to go to, the campus you want to live on and the place that you want to live and in the NFL, you're waiting for somebody to tell you where you're moving to. And people that work for you, I work for Tyree, his agent works for him. So, it's new." 


On if Jackson can transition from a lesser college conference to the NFL: 

"I don't think it's too different, Josh Allen is from Wyoming. I came out of UTEP, it's a really similar setup and situation. They were better than us and won 10 games this year. Either way, it's a transition. You go from USC to the NFL, you can make the argument but you're still going from college to pro, still going from amateur to professional. It's new for everybody, and so, it takes a certain level of maturity and it takes a certain level of who you are as a person and how you're going to process information. And Tyree is off the charts on both of those." 


You can listen to the entire conversation below:

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