Pegula: 'We will move forward with new leadership'

Terry Pegula addressed the media one day after firing Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma

Brayton Wilson
April 21, 2017 - 11:47 am

Photo: Buffalo Sabres / Bill Wippert

Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula addressed the media on Friday morning, one day after the firing of general manager Tim Murray and head coach Dan Bylsma. Here is what he had to say at his press conference:

"Six years ago, I stood here and told the Buffalo Sabres fans that the reason for our existence was to win the Stanley Cup. That is still the truth. We expected more this season. Kim and I spoke with Tim and Dan separately, and we decided that our organization needed more discipline, structure and communication in order to be successful. We will move forward with new leadership, and compete in the National Hockey League for the coveted Cup."

On the search for a new general manager:

"We are going to find the best candidates that we will bring in to our organization to achieve our goals. The structure will land depending on the first person we bring in, what his attitude is and how we should work together."

"Experience is going to be a key in our search. Without disclosing specific details about what our plan is, out plan may change as we start talking to people, but the plan is to build a stronger organization from top to bottom."

On rumors of Jack Eichel's involvement with the firings:

"Jack's involvement is a complete fabrication. I defend Jack just as Peter [Fish] did. It's not a true story. Were players unhappy? Absolutely. We're standing here today, we're not in the Cup race."

You can re-listen to the entire press conference below:

04-21 Terry Pegula Press Conference.mp3

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