Poloncarz 'here for the community' when it comes to the Bills' new stadium

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz came on WGR Tuesday morning to shed some light on the talks about a new stadium in Buffalo

Jon Simon
June 04, 2019 - 12:05 pm

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National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell was one of many attendees at the Jim Kelly charity golf tournament this past Monday. Before teeing off, Goodell took some time to address the media and shared his thoughts on the idea of a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. The commissioner seemed fully behind building a new stadium in Western New York, based off his comments. 

"The reason why I'm supportive is because I want to make sure this franchise remains stable here and continues to remain competitive," Goodell said. "And I think it's great for the this community. And we've been able to do these stadiums in such a way that it creates a tremendous economic benefit." 

On Monday night, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz responded to Goodell's comments with the following statement:

On Tuesday morning, Poloncarz joined Howard and Jeremy on WGR to further discuss the possible new stadium and Goodell's comments.

 Here's some of what he had to say:


Poloncarz on Goodell's message:

"If anything, [Goodell> talked about the viability of the franchise and the competitive nature. People are asking 'well why would the stadium matter for the competitive nature of the team on the field?' It doesn't. He's talking about the financial end, and how we are not competitive compared to larger markets that can bring in hundreds of millions of dollars more in shared revenue than what can be done here."


Poloncarz on where the Bills are in the process of getting a new stadium:

"These things take time. The current lease expires in 2023. I think the best way to answer [where the Bills are at> is exactly what Kim Pegula said when she spoke at the owners meetings; she doesn't know which direction we're going to go, which means we're still very early in the process. All options are on the table when you start a negotiation. We have a good line of communication. I usually meet with Kim maybe twice a year. And with other members of the Bills organization, we meet with them monthly on all kinds of issues associated with the stadium. So when it comes to negotiations regarding the future, I feel we're in a good position to start when the Bills feel it's necessary."


Poloncarz on economic impact of new stadium:

"When [other community leaders> talk about an economic impact to the greater community from the construction of a new stadium, all the evidence shows there is almost no positive impact other than keeping the team in the town. If you're talking about other out-shoots of economic growth, it almost never occurs. Especially if the facility is owned by the government, because you get no tax revenue from it. Whether it's a new stadium or a retrofit, you're not going to see a brand new revenue string coming in for the community. What you have is a football team that continues to play, which is very important for the overall community."


You can listen to the entire interview below:

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