PSE and Labatt announce a new partnership

The old building at 79 Perry Street is going to become "a destination"

Paul Hamilton
April 26, 2017 - 12:21 pm

Photo: Pegula Sports and Entertainment (@PegulaSE)


Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - Pegula Sports and Entertainment made it official Wednesday morning announcing the development of 79 Perry with Labatt USA. The Pegulas have been partners with Labatt from the beginning and Kim Pegula said, “I’ve gone over to their offices here in downtown and they have helped evolve our process of beer and how to bring it to a level that’s not just about cases and a can, so we’re really excited.”

“The place where it’s at is a perfect location and it helps really grow and extent this area to be a destination, so that’s what we’re looking for.”

The 98 year old building will house a ground floor restaurant and pilot brewery. Labatt USA will also move their US corporate headquarters to the Perry site. Kim Pegula said, “It’s one of those buildings that you drive by and forget that it’s there, but it’s a great building, so strongly built, it’s a huge building, so many opportunities and Labatt being the anchor really helps get things started.”   

The site will also be used for residential space. Pegula said, “I mean what more could you want? Come to a game, drink some beer and then just go right into bed, I mean how easy is that?”

As far as if PSE will be moving to 79 Perry Street, Pegula said, “All that stuff is on the table, we have a lease over at the Creamery, so we will be there for the near future, but it’s a 70 thousand-plus square foot building, so there’s a lot of opportunity there and just securing Labatt’s as our core anchor tenant and the vision they have for the brewery and restaurant, that was key and now it opens up a lot of doors for a lot of other opportunities.”

The same question was asked about moving the Sabres offices there and she said, “It’s all open, we can certainly have all those options.”

Additional plans and the project timetable will be announced in the future.

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