Sabres' Dahlin is working to improve his one-time shot

Jason Pominville said he's not going to bring a bad attitude despite not playing

Paul Hamilton
March 19, 2019 - 2:13 pm

Photo: James Guillory - USA TODAY Sports


Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - Many of you have mentioned to me that you’ve noticed one big flaw in Rasmus Dahlin’s game. There aren’t too many so if there is something he doesn’t do well, it sticks out.

Dahlin has a tendency to mishit one-timers. He plays a lot in the right wing circle on the power play and he has missed many opportunities to blast that particular shot. I asked Dahlin if he wasn’t asked to take a lot of one-time shots in Sweden and I was shocked by his answer, “I was never shooting one-timers, but now I realize how important it is, I’m working on it every day and of course you can’t be good at things that you’re doing the first time.”

When players are setting up for a one-timer, the puck will come at them from different angles and different speeds. Dahlin said one of those two things messes him up at times, “When it comes like hard passes. Everyone passes the puck so much harder here.

“In practice, I feel like I can shoot it, but when it’s game time, it’s a fast game and pucks come fast and I just need to learn it and work on it this summer.”

Dahlin needs to get the timing down, but he also thinks that the shot needs to be hard. The kid said, “I need to put on some strength on my arms and upper body, so I can shoot the puck.”

Dahlin knows he has to get that skill down and watching the way he works, I have no doubt that he will. Dahlin said, “It’s going to be a part of my game, to be a threat in the O-zone with a great one-timer, it’s dangerous.”

Dahlin has played 72 games in his first NHL season. He had only played 67 games total in his two years in the SHL, including just 41 last year. He has been working really hard to be able to get through the late grind in a NHL season, “To play a full season here, it’s not easy, so I’ve learned small things that I have to do every day like last year I didn’t really take care of my body the way I do this year. I realize how important it is to eat good, sleep well, stuff like that.”

Dahlin likes being in Sweden and he will spend some of the summer at home, but he also realizes that if he wants to get better at hockey, he needs to be in Buffalo working with the strength and conditioning staff too, “Yes, I’ll be here. 100-percent, and I of course will work hard in Sweden too, but I will come here and put in some work too.”

Since the Sabres beat St. Louis, chances are pretty good that Jason Pominville will, once again, be a healthy scratch on Wednesday. The team wants to get a look at Alex Nylander and continue to give Tage Thompson ice time and Pominville gets that, “Everyone wants to play, I know I’m older, I still know I can play, but I’m sure they have their reasons, they want to see guys and I get that, I know where we’re at and I’ve been around long enough to understand those situations.”

Of course Pominville is angry, but being a former captain, he is never going to bring that into the room, “No, it’s not good for me, it’s not good for the group. I think I’ve been a part of trying to help this culture change and by not playing and coming in and sitting here and pouting is not going to do me any good, it’s not going to do my teammates any good.”

The Sabres have assigned 2018 fourth round pick Matej Pekar to the Amerks. Injuries have limited his time in Barrie of the OHL this season, scoring 14 goals and 22 assists for 36 points in 33 games. Since he hasn't played in over two months, it's not known if he'll get any games.

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