The Sabres don't mind the all access cameras in the room

The NHL is filming The Road to the Winter Classic

Paul Hamilton
December 14, 2017 - 1:55 pm

Photo: Paul Hamilton (@pham1717)


Philadelphia, PA (WGR 550) - Chapter one of the Road to the Winter Classic ran on Wednesday night on the NBC Sports Network. The cameras went into Jason Pominville’s home showing his wife and kids. Pominville didn’t stay up to watch the episode, but said having them to the house was fun, “It was cool, they made sure we felt comfortable and everything we did was around the kids.

“They’ve done a really good job in the past with their shows and it just gives access to the fans to see what we do away from the rink and what our daily routine and job is away from the rink.”

Pominville is used to cameras and microphone, but his wife Kim isn't. The winger said she was nervous, “Yes, yes she was, I think she was hoping there wasn’t any one-on-one.”

Phil Housley also didn’t see it, but he doesn’t mind the all-access cameras around, “It think it’s great, I think sort of motivated us in a way that they’re really watching us and even the coaching staff, just being sharp and getting ready and they could see the different aspect of our team in a locker-room setting.”

Nate Beaulieu was in Montreal when they had an all-access show called, 24CH. Beaulieu said it’s not that big of a deal, “No you get used to it. With our profession our lives aren’t that secretive, so they kind of become part of your team when you’re with them for that long, so we had a good relationship with the crew.”

It’s total access, so I wondered if players would forget about the cameras or would they watch what they said, “Yes and no. For me I’m so used to it, I forget they’re here, but there are less F-bombs.

When there’s all access, it’s done for one reason and that’s the fans. Beaulieu said, “That’s why we do it, it is good for the fans. They’re the biggest part of our sport and we want to provide a show for them.

“They get to see an inside look on and off the ice of how the whole hockey world works because most people just think we’re robots, but there’s a lot of preparation, so it’s a unique experience.”

Rasmus Ristolainen thinks kids will love seeing this, “Yes, when I was younger, I remember I was watching those shows and it was great to see what the players do and how it is every day.”

Ristolainen is sometimes shy around the media, but he said, “I think it’s great. Hopefully we can make a good show.

The Sabres are in Philadelphia to face the Flyers tonight. Join Schopp and the Bulldog for the pregame starting at 6:00 when they’ll be joined by Phil Housley, Jason Pominville and Johan Larsson.

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