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Steve Wyche: 'If Josh Allen is going to get playing time this year he's got to get it out of the gate'

The NFL Network analyst was on One Bills Live on Friday

May 18, 2018 - 5:12 pm

Joe DiBiase reporting

When A.J. McCarron signed with the Buffalo Bills, Nathan Peterman was the only other quarterback on the depth chart. With all the hype about the Bills drafting a quarterback, he had to know it was coming, and it did. McCarron, Josh Allen, and Peterman are expected to engage in an open competition for the starting quarterback job before the 2018 season. 

NFL Network analyst Steve Wyche joined One Bills Live on Friday afternoon, and he believes McCarron will take the first snap of the Bills season. 

"McCarron is a young guy that really hasn't had a break," Wyche said. "I think he'll compete like hell, he'll be a good leader in that locker room. I think the competitive edge he'll have will at least let him start the season. I think the Bills have a good enough team to win plenty of games with him as the starter. That could make the transition to Josh Allen tough, which is why I think if Josh Allen is going to get playing time this year, he's got to get it out of the gate."

Josh Allen was seen as a raw prospect coming into the draft, which could be an advantage for McCarron. It's hard to see the Bills throwing their rookie quarterback to the wolves if they don't think he's ready. 

McCarron also has an interest factor in that we also haven't seen him play. It's not Tyrod Taylor going back out to start the season. While Taylor very well could be significantly better than McCarron, everyone knows what you're getting out of Taylor. 

The idea that Allen needs to win the job to start the season to get playing time might be tough to argue. Year after year, rookie quarterbacks end up getting into games even if they don't start the season. Last year, Mitchell Trubisky took over for Mike Glennon in Chicago after just a couple games.

McCarron and the Bills would likely have to be in a playoff spot to rule out a switch. As Sean McDermott proved last year, he's not afraid to change to a rookie quarterback if he thinks it'll be an improve at the position, regardless of where his team sits in the standings. 

If you missed Steve Wyche on One Bills Live, you can listen to the entire interview below:

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