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Tiger Woods arrested

Woods was arrested on Monday in Florida for driving under the influence

May 29, 2017 - 12:50 pm

WGR 550  — Police arrested golf great Tiger Woods on a DUI charge in Florida Monday.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office booked Woods into a county jail around 7 a.m. Monday morning. He was released just before 11 a.m. on his own recognizance. He has been charged under a Driving Under the Influence statute.

In a statement he released Monday, Woods said he was not drinking alcohol and that his DUI was the result of a bad reaction to mixing prescription medications.

And it appears Woods may be telling the truth.

TMZ Sports obtained a copy of the police report from Tiger Woods arrest and it states that he was asleep at the wheel when officers came up behind him. Woods allegedly told police he was “coming from L.A. California from golfing,” which made no sense since he was driving in Florida at 3 a.m. He then changed his story and claimed he was unsure of where he was.

One of the arresting officers said Woods had “extremely slow and slurred speech” and performed horribly in the field sobriety test. However, he later passed a breathalyzer. Here’s more:

According to the report, 4 drugs were listed under medical conditions — Soloxer, Vicodin, Torix and Viox. It notes Viox was not taken this year. It says Tiger had 4 left knee surgeries and 4 Achilles.

The report says he flunked the field sobriety test badly … he couldn’t do the one-leg stand or the nose touch. The report says, “When asked to do the Romberg alphabet test, he stated, ‘yes, recite entire national anthem backwards.'”

According to the report, Woods was arrested and taken to a testing facility where he took a breathalyzer test and blew zeros. It says he was “cooperative as much as possible, very droopy, extremely sleepy, hard to keep eyes open, hard to walk.” He has been out of golf since undergoing yet another back surgery.

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