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Trade speculation beginning to circle Ryan O'Reilly

TSN's Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger addressed rumors on O'Reilly's future

April 13, 2018 - 5:15 pm

Joe DiBiase reporting

Ryan O'Reilly made news earlier this week with some comments he made at locker room cleanout day. Among those comments, O'Reilly said he "lost passion for the game at times this year". It's not something that many hear from professional athletes, let alone want to hear from any athlete.

With Jason Botterill talking about the need for change and the need to get more speed up front, O'Reilly's name is starting to creep into trade rumors. 

TSN's Bob McKenzie talked to TSN 690 in Montreal about O'Reilly on Friday morning:

"Quite aside from his comments, he was one of the guys that I think they were thinking of trading anyways"

"They are looking at making change. In order to facilitate that change, I you can’t just take guys that are no good or deep into your lineup and say, ‘We’re going to move those guys and that’s going to change the culture."

McKenzie went on to talk about how O'Reilly would be a "godsend" for the Montreal Canadiens; a team that doesn't have a true No. 1, or even No. 2 centerman. Making that trade would mean Jason Botterill would be okay trading O'Reilly within the division. It could also mean getting more from Montreal because of that same fact.

McKenzie's colleague at TSN, Darren Dreger, joined The Instigators on WGR for his regular Friday visit. Dreger had some of the same sentiments that McKenzie talked about in Montreal.

"The sense that I've been given from the management in Buffalo, is yeah of course he's going to listen on Ryan O'Reilly...but it would take an absolute sweetheart deal for the Buffalo Sabres to consider. In saying that, he's a hell of a player. On pretty much every team in the league he's at least a #2 center isn't he? There's going to be a market for Ryan O'Reilly and Jason Botterill is going to have some tough decisions specific to O'Reilly.

"Teams who need centers will do whatever they need to do to get in that conversation...Botterill will be big game hunting."

There's a good chance that the O'Reilly trade talk really picks up after the Stanley Cup Playoffs, ahead of the NHL Draft on June 22. O'Reilly is under contract through the 2022-23 season, so if Jason Botterill doesn't like what teams are offering, he shouldn't be in any hurry to make a move. 

You can listen to Dreger's full segment on The Instigators below:

04-13 TSN's Darren Dreger with The Instigators

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