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The afternoon crew drafts some of the best sports uniforms of all-time

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June 26, 2020 - 10:41 am
Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge

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In Buffalo sports history, there have been some classic uniforms and jerseys worn by the Bills, Sabres, Braves and Bisons! There have also been a number of great sports uniforms worn all across the sporting landscape in the National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and more!

But what were the best uniforms to ever be worn in sports? 

The afternoon crew of WGR Sports Radio 550 decided to draft some of those uniforms on Friday in the WGR Uniform Draft!

This draft featured both Mike Schopp from the Dunn Tire Studios in Amherst, while Chris "Bulldog" Parker was broadcasting from his attic studios at home. In addition, the guys welcomed current WGR morning show producer Brayton Wilson, filling in for "Sneaky Joe" DiBiase, as well as former WGR morning show producer and current author of Purple Insider covering the Minnesota Vikings, Matthew Coller!

The rules are simple: pick the best sports uniforms and fill up the board.

Follow along with the festivities by using the hashtag #UniformDraft on Twitter, or you can track all of the picks made below:

Be sure to tune in for the start of the draft at 4 p.m.


Round 1:

1.) Bulldog (@Bulldogwgr) - New York Yankees

2.) Mike Schopp (@Schopptalk) - Montreal Canadiens

3.) Brayton Wilson (@BJWilsonWGR) - Chicago Blackhawks

4.) Matthew Coller (@MatthewColler) - Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers


Round 2:

5.) Coller - Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders

6.) Wilson - San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers

7.) Schopp - University of North Carolina men's basketball

8.) Bulldog - Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche


Round 3:

9.) Coller - Portland Trail Blazers

10.) Wilson - Boston Celtics

11.) Schopp - Cincinnati Reds

12.) Bulldog - Tiger Woods' Sunday red



Round 4:

13.) Bulldog - Texas Longhorns football

14.) Schopp - Kansas City Chiefs

15.) Wilson - Toronto Blue Jays

16.) Coller - Detroit Red Wings


Round 5:

17.) Coller - UCLA football

18.) Wilson - Buffalo Bills

19.) Schopp - Eric Heiden's gold speed skating suit

20.) Bulldog - Katarina Witt's figure skating dress


Round 6:

21.) Bulldog - Richard Petty's No. 43

22.) Schopp - Bad News Bears

23.) Wilson - Baltimore Orioles

24.) Coller - University of Minnesota volleyball


Round 7:

25.) Coller - Kansas City Monarchs

26.) Wilson - Vancouver Canucks

27.) Schopp - Los Angeles Kings

28.) Bulldog - Toronto Maple Leafs


Round 8:

29.) Bulldog - The Ramones

30.) Schopp - Borussia Dortmund

31.) Wilson - Oregon Ducks

32.) Coller - Rochester Americans


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