Wood: 'It was a disappointing loss'

Bills center Eric Wood joined Schopp and Bulldog on Tuesday

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October 10, 2017 - 6:36 pm

After the Buffalo Bills loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, Bills center Eric Wood joined Mike Schopp and the Bulldog on Tuesday to discuss the loss, as well as some of the differences and some insight in the offense's wide zone run blocking scheme. 

"It was a very disappointing loss. I was disappointed because we had a lot of opportunities after turnovers and long punt returns that we did not take advantage of," Wood said regarding the loss that dropped the Bills to 3-2. "Man, I was disappointed about that." 

The weather was a factor for both offenses at times, but Wood was not taking it as an excuse, "One of our mantra's this year with coach McDermott is no matter what the circumstances are - rain, snow wind - embrace it, don't complain about it, don't waste energy complaining about it. We put so much focus on being adaptable, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are, don't let it affect you."

Much has been made of the offense's struggles in the running game and switching blocking schemes, but Wood feels that the offensive line is getting adjusted, and adding some of the power running schemes in to keep defenses guessing, "Anytime you start a new scheme, you have some different techniques, they're going to take a little bit longer to get going. We are capable of running the ball in this wide-zone scheme well. Last week, we mixed in a few more 'powers' than we had in the past and they were pretty productive for us, but ultimately, we have to start eliminating guys that we're blocking... if we get a little more on a backside linebacker, those would have been big chunk plays for us. Last year we made a lot of those plays... A lot has been made of the wide-zone, I get it. 'Maybe we're not as good at it', I would say we're not as good yet, we'll grow into a really effective running game."

Wood then went into some detail as to how the linemen attack the defense in the wide-zone scheme, "Basically, we want to get everyone moving laterally and then someone is going to get a guy, either on a cut block on the back side or maybe you reach your guy and wall him off. As soon as one guy on the defense gets walled off, there's a big cut there (for the ball carrier)."

Wood also gave a quick thought on the NFL's change in stance regarding the anthem protests that may require all players to be standing on the sidelines during the anthem, "I haven't seen or heard it yet, but I'm sure we'll have to discuss it at some point...

"It's such a touchy subject... I know the NFL teams are feeling heat from sponsors and from everybody else about this issue, so I'm sure they'll try to get something set in stone... I think that the president wants it to continue to be an issue, I think he likes that it's affecting the NFL, that it's a big story." 

Hear all that Wood had to say in his interview with Schopp and Bulldog below:

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