Wood: 'Yesterday was about as bad as it gets'

The Bills suffered their fifth worst home loss in team history

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November 13, 2017 - 4:22 pm

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Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood and the Bills offense had a poor day against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, scoring just three points before Nathan Peterman came into the game. The 47-10 loss was the Bills' fifth worst loss at home in history, and the worst loss at New Era Field since 2007. \

Wood joined Mike Schopp and the Bulldog for his regular appearance on Buffalo Bills Football Monday, and he expressed optimism that the Bills will get back to what had them winning in the first half of the season. 

Here are some of the best comments from Wood's visit:


On the loss to New Orleans:
"Yesterday was about as bad as it gets. We couldn't get anything going, hurt ourselves with negative plays and penalties. A lot of 3rd and longs. A team like that, the offense they had, we knew we wanted to stay on the field and control the clock. Couldn't do that."

On not letting two bad losses sink the season:
"It's frustrating. I have confidence in our guys, that hasn't changed. We can't go in the tank at this point, a lot of football ahead of us. Still 5-4. Focus needs to be on getting back to fundamentals, and beating the Chargers."

On starting well:
"We came out and had a great opening drive. Shady had a big run, Tyrod had a big run. Just couldn't maintain it."

On Sean McDermott's reaction to the loss:
"Coach is adamant we need to have an honest look at the film, and get better from it. He always says when you lose, you need to get better from it. All about the grind, get back to work, get better."

On what he thinks the Bills offense does best:
"What we do best is runs, play action, and take shot plays. Mix in screens and what not, but our shot plays, when they're working, we're working. Yesterday would have looked like that if we didn't have the penalties and big negative yard plays. I believe we'll get back to that, that's how we're built."

Listen to the entire segment with Wood below:

11-13 Eric Wood with Schopp and the Bulldog

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