05-06 Card of the Day: Martin Brodeur

The Hall of Fame goalie ranks as high as second-best all-time

Mike Schopp
May 06, 2020 - 1:11 pm
Card of the Day - Martin Brodeur

Photo: Mike Schopp (@Schopptalk)


1990-91 SCORE HOCKEY No. 439


On the occasion of his 48th birthday, we celebrate Martin Brodeur, the winningest goalie in NHL history and also as good as the second-best.

This, No. 439 from the 1990-91 Score Hockey set, is his rookie card.

The operative number in Brodeur's great career is three. His excellent New Jersey Devils teams won three Stanley Cups with Brodeur in net -- a testament to Brodeur's good quality, durability and being drafted by New Jersey (as exemplified in this card). Yes, he played for a team perennially renowned for its defense, but in the name-of-the-game statistic known as save percentage -- face shot, stop puck -- he was top-three in the NHL twice. Beat that!

And, including playoffs, he scored three goals; in the playoffs once, he shot the puck all the way down the ice and into the other team's (empty) net. Pretty good! His two regular season goals were scored when teams passed the puck into their own nets -- but only after Brodeur saves! (Speaking of firsts, Brodeur also ranks first among goalies in games played and minutes.) His third goal, against the Carolina Hurricanes in 2013, was, yet, another first: the opening goal of the game. That's the most important one.

In mint condition, this card sells for a couple of dollars.

1990-91 Score Martin Brodeur card
Photo: Mike Schopp (@Schopptalk)
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