12-07 Tweet-bag

Would you take another 18-year drought for a 2018 Super Bowl?

Jeremy White
December 07, 2017 - 2:17 pm

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I asked, you tweeted back. Here's a collection of tweet-questions and my answers. Bills, Andrew Luck, soccer, and raking make an appearance. 

Here we go!


1.) Josh McCarty (@Josh_McCarty28) - Would you sign for a Bills Super Bowl win in 2018 if you had to agree to another 18-year playoff drought to follow?

Knee-jerk answer: YES.  

Then I actually started to think about it more and more. Would you take a Super Bowl win, and then 18 years of no playoffs… or would you take EVERY other potential 19-year stretch?  

Of course we’re conditioned to think “Of course you take the Super Bowl” but the next level is realizing that this means you turn down all scenarios where you may have won two. Or three. Or… heck, in 19 years a franchise could win eight! New England has five in the last 13 years with two heart-breaking losses and they’re probably going to win it this year. If you take just one championship season in 19 years you’re kinda settling.

Let's be honest - this drought has redefined us as sports fans. When someone poses this question, they kinda blow by just how ridiculous it is to have 18 consecutive non-playoff seasons. But if the Bills won the Super Bowl in 2018 and then had an 18-year playoff drought, you'd have a little of what you have now. You'd have another era of irrelevance. You'd have a generation of fans that don't get anything to be happy about. You'd have your Super Bowl, but maybe your kids are too young for it and they'd have a high school-aged drought of their own. I know that sounds very circle-of-life-ish, but it's not all roses.

Sure 2018 would be amazing. The next 18 years would be a slow process of disconnecting from them all over again. Sure, I'd love a Super Bowl. I'd rather have an era like the Bills had in the 90s. I'm not saying I'd take the four losses, that's not the same. This question involves taking one Super Bowl title, or an unknown 18 years. I think the unknown 18 years has plenty of scenarios that are better than just the one Super Bowl.  

How about St. Louis? This deal for them gets a Super Bowl... and a team gone. Things died slowly and then the team left through no fault of their own. I know that's an extreme case but all scenarios are alive here. Would you rather be St. Louis or... anyone else. There are plenty of teams that have had it worse, but there are far more that have had it better in that time frame.

If I’m choosing between one Super Bowl and 18 non-playoff appearances or… another scenario pulled out of a hat? I think there’s more fun in the hat. I’m going to the hat.

Final answer: No.


2.) Kenny Gholston (@kaygee830) - Is it crazy to think Andrew Luck is going to be available this offseason, and the Bills could go after him instead of drafting a quarterback?

I don’t think it’s totally crazy and I’ll give you two reasons why: 1.) Jim Irsay is crazy and 2.) Drew Brees was traded over an injury concern.

This all comes down to the health of Andrew Luck, but if the Colts are thinking of moving on, then this would be the time. They’ll have lots of options at the top of the draft, and with offers coming in for that pick I’d imagine they’ll come out with a huge haul of picks. If you view both Luck, and that high pick as assets that can bring in talent… they’d be able to stock most of a team with what they could get in return.  

There have been reports of a rift between Luck and Irsay too because of how this injury has been handled… so I suppose I can’t rule it out. It’d be crazy. But remember, so are the Colts.

Luck is a better idea than any of the draft picks in this class. Every one of the guys coming out this season would do well to ever be as good as Andrew Luck already is. Luck is starting to get the treatment that great players on bad teams get. This has started to happen with Jack Eichel too. Well how good is he really? Sure he's got a lot of talent, but I guess he's just not as good as (_Insert_name_of_similar_player_on_team_that_wins_)

The sins of the general managers do not fall to the player. Luck has been held captive by a Colts team that makes horrible personnel decisions. Trading him would be another one.


3.) James Litwinski (@LitwinskiJames) - Why does soccer suck?

Oh James, you poor wretched soul. There are two types of people in the world: People that enjoy soccer, and the unclean masses defeated by their own lunacy still yet to be inevitably converted of the glory and speed of the beautiful game.

Soccer doesn’t suck. Well not yet. That wretched devil INSTANT REPLAY is trying to get its hooks into soccer. Offside reviews are the devil in the NHL and if they’re brought to soccer well then let’s just all stop watching sports. Soccer never stops. When it stops, the clock moves. When they get to the end, they figure how many minutes they would have stopped and keep going. They don’t stop to talk about or tell you how much time will be added. One dude holds up a sign. And they keep going.

If you haven’t yet fallen for soccer… I don’t really think you’re a fool or anything like that. I generally feel bad for people that can’t quite make the switch. It’s wonderful to watch, and not just because of the no stopping thing.

I’m at the point where I’m watching more soccer casually than any other sport. Games with two teams that I don’t care about? I’ll go EPL > NFL > NHL.  

Sorry James.  Maybe someday.  


4.) Anthony Baginski (@abaginskijr) - How would you feel about hockey players having personal goal songs instead of team goal songs? It would be similar to at bat songs in baseball?

Absolutely yes. I think there are plenty of places where this happens. I’m all about as much personality as possible. Turns out the Canucks did it.

Other than Radim Vrbata, players each chose their own song. Vrbata’s was a fan vote. As soon as the Sabres start scoring again, let’s do it.


5.) Dan Compo (@dcompo) - What is your position on the role of government in supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology?

I find it interesting but terribly pedantic.

That’s what Uncle Jessie said during one episode of Full House when he was asked a tough question. He was trying to come off as intelligent at a party or something and planned that to be his answer for anything over his head. I searched the internet for the episode and couldn’t find it so I suppose it’s possible this all happened in my mind.

On the biotech stuff? Sure, I’m for it.


6.) Jon (@Hey_eh_EH_eh) - Can you cry underwater? 



7.) Ryan Hasenauer (@RyanH7681) - Now that you are a homeowner, has your stance on leaf raking changed? My apologies if this was already discussed on air.

I have to self-report. I raked. I didn’t rake for any other reason than peer pressure. I have neighbors who raked and I hadn’t. I raked so my leaves didn’t blow on their lawns and ruin their hard work. That said… I’m still against raking. The Earth existed for a long time, and leaves dropped for millennia before human beings showed up to collect, bag, and destroy them.

Raking is still dumb.


8.) Mike (@murphyslaw317) - Favorite movie and why.

I always list three, in no particular order:

Big Fish, V for Vendetta, and Donnie Darko

It’s been those three for a long time. Why? Guess that’s tough to write. I’ll try though…warning, this might get deep:

Big Fish is a story about stories. It’s a lot like “Life of Pi” which was a great book (and movie). The main theme is that sometimes it’s ok to tell a story because it’s more fun than the raw truth. It has a beautiful message about family and life.  

V for Vendetta is about belief in what’s right. There are a thousand lines from V that are easily remembered or flashed on bumper stickers but the most important one for me is clear. “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof.” Resistance and control a main theme that will likely become more and more relevant in our lives.  

Donnie Darko might hold my top spot. I love this movie. I love the way it’s shot. I love the way it sounds. I love the concept of time travel and alternate universes. I love the idea that the universe must course-correct itself when something goes wrong. These types of movies and shows totally get me going. The list is long… Inception, The Matrix, Westworld, Looper. I love Donnie Darko.  


9.) Matt Kotula (@MK2LA) - Rando: What's the line on number of seasons The Simpsons has left? And what happens in the final episode?

Dude… that line passed didn’t it? I have my DVR set to constantly roll on episodes of The Simpsons, and when I go back in to sit down and watch one, I only jump into an episode if I find something from seasons 2-9. For me, the line was long, long ago. I suppose it’s possible that ten years from now I discover a solid ten years of episodes that I’ve never seen. Or in ten years, I can just toss on Fox after a football game and I’ll see the season premier.  

Final episode? I feel like Fox will just keep renewing for season after season. This show could go on for so long it wouldn’t shock me if they just ultimately faded away with a press release in the middle of the summer. “Simpsons Not Renewed”. Thanks for the memories. That’s my prediction. But that's probably because I can't think of any way to do it right.


Thanks for reading and send me some of your best questions, bar bets, and all that good stuff. I'll save them for future tweet-bags.




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