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The quarterback choice in Buffalo is about the style as much as it is the player

Jeremy White
August 18, 2018 - 8:41 am

Photo: Ken Blaze - USA TODAY Sports


If A.J. McCarron's collarbone injury is as serious as many seem to think, you can take him out of the mix to start for the Buffalo Bills. You might also have done that with how bad the offense looked while McCarron played on Friday. Anyone with WHOSDAQ stock in McCarron is going to take a bath as every single one of those shares bottoms out to zero now that we know he won't be starting the opener.

And that leaves Sean McDermott with a choice between two young quarterbacks, with two vastly different styles.

Through two games of the preseason, Nathan Peterman has been efficient, accurate, and... I want to say efficient again, in running the Bills offense. He's shown the ability to recognize breakdowns in coverage, resulting in downfield touchdown tosses to Kelvin Benjamin and Nick O'Leary. Both were well-identified by Peterman, with big windows to throw into, and touchdowns as a result. He's shown an ability to get the ball out relatively quickly and, through two games, has completed 17-of-20 passes for 232 yards, two touchdowns and a pick.

It's the preseason.

Sorry, I'm just going to say that every few lines because I'm the one that pounds on the Preseason Pledge, so I don't want anyone thinking I'm buying too much into the results. Anyway, moving along...

Peterman looks somewhat comfortable with the offense that the Bills have shown us thus far. In our conversation with him at training camp, he pointed out that the offense is indeed "vanilla" (my term, not his in the question), in that there is still so much more to it that he hasn't even seen yet. Sometimes I think I forget that the "vanilla" notion doesn't only apply to what you show opposing teams, it applies to your own offense. Peterman and Josh Allen... have probably only seen a small portion of what this offense might actually hope to grow in to.  

So on one side you have... Mr. Efficient.

It's the preseason.

On the other side you have Mr. Horsepower

Allen has not been as efficient running the offense, but has most definitely been more exciting and explosive. While it's been fun to watch the rocket arm that Allen has unleashed through the first two games, the touchdown pass to Rod Streater is the play that we'll see 100-times more in his NFL career. How many times will he throw it 60 yards in the air this year? Maybe 10? How many will he complete? Maybe three? But go back to the eyes-up scramble touchdown pass and you'll see something he'll be asked to do several times each game. Allen has shown escapability and the ability to make plays on the run, which is something the Bills already had in Tyrod Taylor. What they're looking for more is a complete quarterback...

So here's the big question on Allen: Should the Bills throw him out there because he can make things happen? Or... do they make him wait a bit longer because they don't want him thinking he can always get away with the scramble stuff, and they're invested fully in making sure he develops only the best habits and makes the right plays?

If it comes down to process and development... they COULD force him to wait a little bit.  

If it's... the way a lot of us are feeling right now? Then he starts.

Either way, the way Allen has looked through two games, is making it harder to think about him sitting.

What would I do? I'll be converting all my WHOSDAQ stock into the kid.  

Then again...

It's the preseason.

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