Late night discussion: Andrew Luck's career for Josh Allen?

Would you take Luck's career for Allen in Buffalo?

August 26, 2019 - 2:55 am

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Louie DiBiase
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Andrew Luck shocked the NFL universe this weekend after announcing his retirement after just six seasons with the Indianapolis Colts. Throwing for 171 touchdowns and just 83 interceptions in that time, Luck quickly became one of the top-tier quarterbacks in the league. 

While it was short lived, Luck's career with the Colts was a very accomplished one. He helped lead Indianapolis to the playoffs in four of six seasons, two division titles, and an AFC Championship berth in 2014. 

Hypothetically, if it was possible to sign Josh Allen up for Luck's career, would you? 

The Buffalo Bills would get the elite-level of play, the consistent playoff berths, but they also would get the injuries and early retirement. 

Would you sign up for five years of contention knowing there is an expiration date on the franchise quarterback's shelf life? 

Fans took to Twitter to give their two-cents on Sunday's late night discussion:


Take the years of contention:

Allen could end up being a 10-plus-year star under center for the Bills. He could also still become a bust. Many fans weren't willing to take the chance and pass up five years of winning. 

56% of voters would sign Allen up for Luck's career rather than dive into the unknown.

Could the Bills do even more damage in the window Indianapolis had? 


Not long enough:

Luck had big seasons in six years with the Colts. That just isn't long enough for some. 


Author's choice:

Quarterbacks can play for a decade and a half, keeping a team in contention as talent around the roster comes and goes. Although that would be the ideal path for Allen to follow, it would be hard to turn down the opportunities in the postseason that Luck had. 

The Bills haven't been a consistent playoff team since the 90s. To have one of the best quarterbacks in the league for five/six years with a reasonable shot at the Super Bowl? 

Sign me up. 


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