Bills defense is good, but not nearly as good as it should be in Madden 20

EA Sports released its player ratings on Monday

Joe DiBiase
July 16, 2019 - 2:25 pm

Photo: Rich Barnes - USA TODAY Sports


When the Madden 20 player ratings came out on Monday, much of the outrage over the Buffalo Bills players being too low was on the offense.

However, despite the Bills defense being very good in the game, several players were underrated.

Defensive End:

There is only one problem with the defensive end ratings and it's a big one: Jerry Hughes should be a lot higher than 83. The guy is a Pro Football Focus darling for being one of the most efficient pass rushers in the league last season.

On the surface, he doesn't look like an elite pass rusher with modest sack numbers. However, looking at deeper numbers like quarterback pressures/hurries and double team percentage, it would tell you Hughes should be a lot higher.

He should be at an 88 overall rating.


Defensive Tackle:

How is Jordan Philips only a 65?

On his talent and draft status alone, he should be higher than that. What Bills fans saw from Jordan Philips last year was an athletic player that can supply pressure up the middle. A rating of 65 is way, way too low. He should be at a 75 overall rating.

Ed Oliver's 79 rating is second in the game among rookies. Only Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams is higher at 80.

Good thing the Bills didn't make that trade on draft day, right?

Star Lotulelei at 74 may seem low, but it seems fair. He's a one-dimensional defensive tackle who's style of play is being phased out of the game. It's tough to have a guy on the field that is only impactful on run plays and is a zero-threat in the pass rush.



This might be the most disrespect any Bills position group will get in Madden 20.

There can make a strong argument made that Lorenzo Alexander, Tremaine Edmunds, and especially Matt Milano should all be higher.

What's interesting is that Edmunds' rating actually went down from last season's game. He certainly had his struggles in his rookie year, in a season where other rookie linebackers like Leighton Vander Esch, Roquan Smith, and Darius Leonard stood out. No one would say he was awful, and his rating should have stayed the same at 75, at the very least.

Milano is coming off a major injury, but on the field, he's been one of the more underrated linebackers in football. It's not surprising to see Madden do the same.



What a slap in the face to Tre'Davious White.

An 85 rating ranks 21st among cornerbacks. White has developed into a shutdown corner in the league, but may be falling victim to a similar fate that once plagued Stephon Gilmore. Shutdown corners, if doing their job well, don't appear much on TV. Buffalo is not the best place to reach max stardom.

If you look at Gilmore, he was a very good corner that most casual football fans wouldn't have heard of becuase he was in Buffalo. With the New England Patriots, with plenty of prime-time and playoff games to showcase his talents, Gilmore is now considered one of the best corners in football. He is second in the game among cornerbacks.

That being said, with their own scouts, Madden should be above just who the stars are. White is clearly better than an 85 overall rating. He should be at a 93 overall rating. That would've been tied with Richard Sherman for third in the game.



Micah Hyde's rating is actually just fine. One can argue it's a little low, but an 86 ranks 11th among safeties.

Jordan Poyer on the other hand, should be closer to an 86 rating himself. It's no secret that Hyde has been a more popular player league-wide than Poyer. Part of that was his productivity before he came to Buffalo, which Poyer did not have.


The Bills defense is very good overall in Madden 20, but still not great. Given that they were second in the NFL last season in defense, more respect was due for many of the Bills' defensive players.

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