Buffalo sports Sporcle trivia has been a fun distraction

See how you can play along and challenge yourself

Sal Capaccio
March 26, 2020 - 1:18 pm
Josh Allen

Photo: Kevin Jairaj - USA TODAY Sports

Can you name all 16 players Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has thrown a touchdown pass to so far through his two-year NFL career? Or how about all of the team’s leading rushers since 1980?

One of the challenges of staying home though the COVID-19 pandemic has been to find interesting ways to pass the time. For those of us in the media who are used to creating content, it’s been fun, albeit challenging, to create new content on a daily basis. Usually at this time of year, with free agency in full swing and the NFL Draft right around the corner, the job takes care of itself. The Bills even made a big trade that’s given everyone an extra layer to write about.

How does Stefon Diggs fit into the offense?  

Who are the best free agents still available?

Let’s do yet another mock draft!

We can keep recycling the same stories, packaging them in different ways, but there’s only so many ways and times to do all of that. There’s also a whole new audience at home now, too. Some who may be new to Twitter or reading our website, or even listening for the first time. There are some people who love football, but aren’t into the draft. And plenty of you who just want to keep your mind off what’s going on in the world right now, even for just a few minutes.

A little over a week ago, just after this whole thing started, I posted a Bills trivia question on the website Sporcle and invited people to give it a try. Just for fun and to pass the time. It was a big hit. So I did another one, and another. There’s now a total of eight trivia games for you to play, seven Bills-themed and one Sabres-themed. Each time I post a new one, I get great feedback from people who say they’ve enjoyed doing them. Some do really well, some not-so-much.  

One of the games already has close to 4,000 plays. Five of the eight have over 1,000 plays. The responses and number of plays have motivated me to keep doing them - and challenging me to come up with good questions, trying to involve both older and younger Buffalo sports fans as much as I can.  

So come aboard the Buffalo Sports Sporcle Trivia Train (that’s the best phrase I can think of right now). Click the link and follow my page for new games to be posted, or just follow me on Twitter: @SalSports and see whenever I post a new one. You can do it from your computer or laptop, or right for your phone.

Good luck!


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