Bulldog - What Now?

September 16, 2016 - 8:31 am
What now?
It would be unprofessional to write something that contains cursing, right? Like just calling this blog 'screw this' except not using screw? You get the picture, right?
What Bills fan didn't go to sleep Thursday night and wake up Friday morning saying things like that to themselves, their spouses, their pets. We're at such a point in this hideous drought that each loss feels like five and any win feels like a stay of execution.
The Bills found a new way to drive us all insane last night. That's with the destruction coming at the hands of a quarterback we all know to be flawed. A quarterback we cast off due to his inability to end the Bills playoff futility.  Ryan Fitzpatrick lit the Bills on fire Thursday night. He didn't stop there. Once the fire was nice and toasty he made s'mores and sang campfire songs around them while we cried.  Tears of anger, regret, and confusion.
Check that. Maybe not confusion. We're not really that confused by this any more are we?  More like resigned to our fate.  Like we're endlessly playing some sort of existential lottery and keep getting in line at 7-11 to buy another ticket knowing we won't win.
It feels like the countdown to the wrecking ball starts now. How big is the ball?  How many does it smash before it stops swinging?  The coach? The GM? 
How about the quarterback?  That's going to be a fun one.  Tyrod Taylor hit two huge bombs and probably deserved to have another pretty long one caught by Sammy Watkins against the Jets. I like the big plays, who doesn't?  But Taylor has not shown an ability to make the throws good quarterbacks make look easy. Throws that extend drives.  Two games into a tryout season before the really big money kicks in and I think Taylor is far from home free.
Complicating the decision on Taylor will be what happens if this season spins out of control.  0-4 looks very doable sitting here right now and if big change were to happen do the new people coming in want to kick in the big money on Taylor?  You might think new people would like to start all over again win their own new quarterback.
It's all almost too much to process. So like I said at the top. I wouldn't blame you for simply saying to heck with it.
Or you know, stronger words than I should use here. 
I need a drink.

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