CAPACCIO: Jets trade up may impact price and urgency for the Bills

The Jets now have the third overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft

Sal Capaccio
March 17, 2018 - 2:03 pm

Photo: Kelvin Kuo - USA TODAY Sports

Your move, Brandon Beane.

If the Buffalo Bills general manager has been serious about moving near the top of the 2018 NFL Draft to grab his franchise quarterback of the future, that move just got a lot more urgent, and maybe even a lot more expensive.

The Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets announced Saturday morning that the two teams had made a blockbuster deal, with the Jets moving up from the sixth overall pick to the third pick in next month‘s draft, sending the Colts that sixth pick, two second rounders this year (37th and 49 overall), and a second round choice next year.

Most believe the Jets swung the deal in order to better position themselves for their own franchise quarterback.

Now, Beane has to determine if the price to jump over his AFC East rival will be worth it. The only two options remaining now are to get to the top overall pick, owned by the Cleveland Browns, or the second overall selection, where the New York Giants sit.

It’s interesting to note that the Jets didn’t go to two, but instead only to the third spot.

Does that mean they are comfortable with three different quarterbacks coming out, knowing two may come off the board before they select? Does it mean Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, who used to be Beane’s boss in Carolina, has already been discussing a deal with the Bills to move up to that spot and didn’t entertain any offers from his crosstown rival?

And what about the cost now? I’ve already read many saying that it just got “way more expensive for the Bills.” I’m not sure that’s the case. How do we not know that Beane fully expected that this was the price to pay? Maybe it’s more than he thought, or it could be exactly what he knew it would take.

The bad news for the Bills is that a division rival is now in position to grab a franchise quarterback, maybe even one they covet themselves.

The good news is the parameters are, at least, now in place to know what it takes to move up above them, albeit with a much further drop for the Giants than the Colts just fell.

Will Gettleman be willing to go all the way from the second pick to 12? Might it take, yet, another trade by the Bills to move up before getting that high? Say, dealing for the now-Colts’ sixth pick, and then getting to the second pick?

A lot of these questions still have to be answered between now and April 26, the night of the first round.

But what Saturday’s big deal might have done - more than anything - is create more urgency to get a deal in place before then. Before the Denver Broncos or Miami Dolphins (or even the Jets with another move) jump into the second spot.

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