CAPACCIO: 'Twas the Night Before Buffalo Sports Christmas (2018)

My annual rhyming review of the Buffalo sports year

Sal Capaccio
December 24, 2018 - 8:28 am

Photo: David Butler II - USA TODAY Sports

’Twas the night before Christmas, let there be no doubt,
One year after the Bills, the Sabres might end their own playoff drought.

They’re in position after a great start to the season.
Now even the fans are showing up again, they finally have a reason!

Last year was so rough, the GM slammed the door against the wall,
But then came the lottery and the luck of a ping pong ball.

The prize possession was a Swede named Rasmus Dahlin.
He’s already been great…..and he’s only eighteen!

But a lot more changes were needed for this team to no longer lose,
So Botterill dealt Kane to the Sharks and O’Reilly to the Blues.

They added some depth - on the wings and at center,
While Hutton and Ullmark have been much better than Lehner.

But one more piece was needed to really think they could be a winner.
So he traded a guy named Pu for a goal scorer named Skinner.

Oh, I didn’t forget about Eichel, the new Captain Jack.
It looks like it’s finally time for him to put this team on his back.

The Bills, on the other hand, couldn’t repeat their success.
But that wasn’t unexpected knowing they had a salary cap mess.

Year after year they’ve had QBs who kept failin’,
So they had a bunch of draft picks and traded up for Josh Allen.

It was Peterman who won the job and became the starting QB,
But he wasn’t up to the task, it was plain for all to see.

The offensive line struggled, it’s hard to be as good,
When you lose a guard like Richie and center Eric Wood.

They traded for Kelvin, and we all said, “what a beast!”
But things didn’t go very well, and he finally was released.

The receiving corp still needs help, high on the list to-do,
Is to get this young QB a few more studs to throw to.

Brandon Beane knows he has plenty of holes to fill.
Now let’s see what he can do with all that $85 mil.

We need to spend some time this year on those Bulls from Buffalo.
Tournament wins in hoops, then football goes to a bowl.

Anthony Johnson caught pass after pass from Tyree Jackson,
Just one of the reasons Lance Leipold’s boys dominated #MACtion.

Nate Oats’ group beat Arizona and went places they’ve never been,
While Felicia’s looking to get the ladies dancing once again.

Syracuse fans didn’t have to wait until Christmas Day,
To get the gift they wanted - Dino’s not going away.

In high school the kids from West Seneca East went all the way to the dome.
It was a tough loss there but they made everyone proud back home.

The final result was better for a combined team called CSP.
Clymer, Sherman, Panama?  It adds up to State Champs in Class D.

Something a little different this year, a word about each of the hosts,
Like Howard, who knows before opening day his Mets are gonna be toast.

The Las Vegas Knights kept winning and just stayed on top.
They eventually got to the playoffs, and Jeremy had to eat a flip-flop.

All these one goal games, “get it to the Garage!” Bulldog screams!
While Mike just tells us all about his thousands of fantasy football teams.

So with that we bid adieu to the year two, zero, one, eight.
But start paying attention, because 2019 in Buffalo is gonna be great!


To hear a reading of the poem, you can listen to it below:


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