Dear Bills (and Sabres too)...

A letter from the Buffalo sports fans to the Bills and the Sabres

April 19, 2019 - 10:24 am

Photo: Brett Carlsen - Getty Images

Zero, zilch, zip, zed. Nothing, nada.

That’s what Buffalo Bills fans get as far as primetime games this year from the National Football League schedule makers. This leaves the Bills as the only NFL team without at least one night game.

This isn’t going to be an argument about how Josh Allen deserved better because he leapt over Anthony Barr in a single bound, though that sure was cool. Nor is it me making a case that I expect the Bills to be a surprise team this season because they signed John Brown, Cole Beasley and Mitch Morse. Of course they could do that, surprise everyone with a really good year and who knows, maybe even get flexed into primetime as the season goes on.

No, this is more of a plea for help. I need you to get good Bills. The sooner, the better. This season would be as good a place as any to start. You see, here’s how my life goes. Sports things happen and I talk about them. For a long time now, this conversation all too often ends up circling back to whether or not we’re good enough.

The "we’re" I’m referring to here is not the Bills, or even the Buffalo Sabres for that matter. They’re a part of this too. No, the "we’re" in this scenario is us. The fans and our city. Our "market". Are we the problem? Is Buffalo too boring? Why don’t we rate?

Think about the last few years and the number of times we’ve ended up looking inward and pondering whether or not Buffalo is more the problem than the Bills or Sabres.

Here’s an incomplete list compiled quickly over my morning coffee:


  • Mike Babcock

Wow, I think the Sabres might actually get him oh my this is really happening...Psych, he’s going to Toronto at the last minute because, you know, tall buildings.

  • 2018 IIHF World Junior Championship

Man, look at that attendance. What’s wrong with us? How come we’re not supporting it better? Must not be anything to do in Buffalo and wow, look at those parking prices. Who wants to travel to Buffalo in December anyways? And we apparently hate hockey now because the Sabres are terrible.

  • Antonio Brown

He didn’t want to come. Must be too many bowling alleys.

  • The Frozen Four

See the paragraph above about the World Juniors.

  • The NFL schedule

One guy called us yesterday pondering whether or not zero primetime games is a way for the NFL to smack the Bills for not having a new stadium plan in place. I mean, I don’t know, maybe?


Now I wake up on Friday to see that Steve Yzerman is returning to run the Detroit Red Wings. We laughed, loudly I might add, at any suggestion that the Sabres could lure Yzerman here to fix our team. Why can’t we do that? Funny, we did. Pat LaFontaine lasted not even three months before non-disclosures were signed and he returned to Long Island.

Look, there’s one cure to all this community angst.


That’s it. You have to win. You have to win because it’s fun. You have to win because it should be the objective. You have to win so we can stop psycho-analyzing every sports thing that happens and turning the harsh microscope on the quality of our Metro Rail and restaurants.

Win and Antonio Brown will want to come here.

Win and the size of the market won’t be as much of a hindrance. You are in charge of this Bills and Sabres. Not the mayor, not the county executive, not the chef at Toutant nor the Uber and Lyft drivers.

And not the fans.

So please, for our sanity, win.

It’s time.

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