I hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to the NFL Draft as much as I am

Howard Simon
April 04, 2018 - 10:57 am

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Just when you thought the NFL Draft buildup couldn't get any more stressful, exciting, intriguing, or whatever word you choose to use, up step the New England Patriots. Their trade with the Los Angeles Rams that brought New England the 23rd overall pick in the draft raised many eyebrows around the league, and of course here in the city most tortured by New England the last 18 years.

I'm here to talk you off the ledge, if you are in need of that. I'm also here to tell you to try and enjoy the most amazing lead up to an NFL Draft, EVER!!! I find all of this fascinating. This is the most fun I've ever had with a stressful situation.

When the trade was announced, your first reaction was probably that New England needed an extra pick in the first round because they want to draft their quarterback of the future. There's a good chance you quickly transitioned into a panic mode as you envisioned the Patriots trading up, getting ahead of the Bills and selecting that quarterback. Perhaps you thought about the Green Bay Packers who, when ready to move on from Brett Favre, had Aaron Rodgers to take over.

I think the Patriots should take a quarterback to prepare for life after Tom Brady, but I don't think they'll load up a big offer and crack the top-10, or even get into a top-five spot. If it makes you feel any better, we had Christopher Price of the Boston Sports Journal on our show Wednesday morning, and he doesn't think the Patriots will do that either. He believes New England will take as quarterback, but not in Round 1. It could be a guy like Mason Rudolph in Round 2, or one of the players in the next tier, which includes the likes of Kyle Lauletta or Luke Falk.

For those of you who think this puts more pressure on Bills general manager Brandon Beane, I don' think that's the case. He was already under pressure to get his franchise quarterback, regardless of what New England did on Tuesday. Beane's biggest challenge remains whether or not he has to move up to get the quarterback he desires, and how high he would have to go. New England is still behind the Bills in the draft order and the total points/value of their picks is still less than the Bills.  

I'll be honest with you. The Patriots' trade and corresponding speculation just makes these next three weeks that much more exciting. I hope there aren't any more trades until the draft starts because there would be an unprecedented level of intrigue, beginning at No. 2 when the New York Giants are on the clock (assuming Cleveland takes a quarterback with the first pick).  

What do the Giants do at No. 2? Do they keep the pick or trade it? Do they take a quarterback if they keep the pick?

Does Cleveland use the fourth pick as trade bait and give it to the highest bidder among quarterback-needy teams like the Bills?

What does Denver do at No. 5? Like the Giants, you have to wonder if they stay in that spot or move out and if they stay do they grab a quarterback?

Is Miami looking for a potential upgrade over Ryan Tannehill and would they try and trade up for that guy?

Would Arizona try and jump over the Bills and Dolphins for a quarterback of the future (assuming they don't believe Sam Bradford or Mike Glennon are a long-term answer)?

As we slogged through March, I kept thinking the draft can't get here soon enough because I can't take the stress and the unknown. Then, something happened. The calendar flipped to April, and it must be getting into draft month made me realize how much fun this ride is right now.

So enjoy Bills fans. I'm confident they will draft a quarterback in the first round. I just don't know which one and where in that round.  

My only nightmare scenario is one in which the Bills don't take a quarterback in the first round. But if that happens, it won't matter because I won't be on the air the morning after. I will have quit my job and headed out overnight to an undisclosed location.

04-04 Chris Price of the Boston Sports Journal with Howard and Jeremy

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