Famous Four Tweetbag!

Some quad questions answered in the latest Tweetbag

Jeremy White
August 22, 2019 - 12:21 pm

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Turns out when you announce on the radio that you’re expecting quadruplets, there’s a lot of reaction!

I can’t possibly say enough about all of the well-wishing, support, and congratulatory notes that my wife and I have received. What I can do is set out to answer some of your questions about all that’s going on, with some sports stuff thrown in as well.

I’ll start out by saying that sharing this information has been fun, but comes with a little fear too. How public do we want to be about all this? That’s something my wife and I discussed a lot, but given my profession, it’s almost impossible to not have it out there on some level. My job and relationship with the listeners is always open and honest whether it's marriage, or loss, or anything. Howard and I have been on long enough that it’s not just talking prevent defense, ya know?

Multiples pregnancies are classified as high risk. Along the way, we’ve seen specialists and there have been more ultrasounds to this point than most pregnancies get throughout. I hate to say my first reaction to all of this was a little “I’ll believe it when I see it” just cause it’s a journey. Not every story of this nature is 100% happy at the end. Some of our consults with the doctors carry with it a tone of… well… something less than joy. They want to drive home to you that this is serious. Some drives home were tougher than others.

So the support has been wonderful, and the next 4-5 months I anticipate, we’ll continue to need it.

For that, I thank all of you.

So, here goes the expectant father Tweetbag!


This is always the first question: “How did you react?!?”  

Well, my wife and I had been trying to start a family for a couple years now. We knew that multiples were a possibility based on her family history, and based on the “help” we had been getting in trying to start our family.

Through the process, you learn just how many potential steps there are in trying to get pregnant. You learn so much about the body, and the processes (or at least I did), and how for some people where everything works just fine… it’s still hard to, ya know, seal the deal. So we knew there was a chance we’d have multiples, but it wasn’t a likelihood at all. 

When we found out she was pregnant, I went on to YouTube to see what a twins ultrasound looks like… I like doing my research. So as we sat in the office waiting to see what was going on that very first time, we were thinking and hoping there would be two. I knew what that’d look like too. First image comes up on the screen and I said (in my head) “That’s definitely four.” Before any doctor or nurse said anything, before my wife could see, I saw four. I knew it was four, right away.

The immediate reaction is everything you mentioned. Car, house, money, bankruptcy, sleep, sanity, overwhelming fear and joy.

When people ask “Did you do IVF?”, the short answer is no. IVF is a specific procedure. There are several steps along the way before you get to IVF that people take. And the question itself might, to some, carry with it some kind of stigma? It’s just not the kind of thing that’s talked about too much… but we’ve come to learn that lots of couples try lots of things, all in the interest of starting their own family.

We had a higher likelihood of multiples, and accepted that as a potential outcome, but trust me when I say that it is still a big longshot to have played out this way. There’s so much more to say about that moment and the days that follow, and I think I’ll tell that story a little more down the line? Perhaps a few podcasts with my wife or something.

I know there are lots of families out there that are going through all of this, or have been through it. Whether you're trying for one, hoping for two, or hit with three, four, or more... I've been where you are and know why you're there. Suffice to say that there’s so much to think about. We’ve been making huge moves with our house, moving family members around, talking about hiring nannies and how careers clash with kids and… it’s a lot. But it doesn’t take very long to get to feeling like you wouldn’t want it any other way.  


Once every couple golf rounds I take two clubs to the tee box, choose one to hit it, and then after I swing, look to see I picked up the other one. So yeah, fully prepared for that to be a thing.


Stay tuned.


I have named one team the “Quad City Bandits” and I think I should probably order a hat from that one Quad City minor league baseball team. More than anything, this is great fodder for the person in my one league that gets to name my team. Tons of material here.



Ok, have to factor in my own aging body, their growing bodies and undeniable hoop skills (my wife played D-III basketball and I have also…. played some basketball in my life), their ability to team up, and how long it will take them to realize that having two sharpshooters would kill any hopes of playing defense. Then again, it’s going to be a long time before they can keep me out of the low post, right?

I say… once they’re 10, they could maybe get it done. Can they trade twos for threes? Cause I’m hitting 100% of my shots in the paint against them, and they’re gonna need to go 70% from three to keep up. #Quadalytics. 10 is my answer.


I plan on “but there are four of them” being an out that I use an awful lot. What golf course person wouldn’t let these guy break the rules, eh?

Also, I have started calling my wife “The Fab Five”.


Nothing is easier than keeping the Preseason Pledge.


Ready for the estimate? Experts or analysts or whoever estimate that by the time quadruplets are potty trained, their parents will have changed 30,000 diapers. Oh, and she wants to go cloth. Thoughts and prayers, please.


Maybe I can sell it as an income source to help pay for the quads?


We have an idea… but it’s not official. Right now they’re still Baby A, B, C, and D.


If social media is any indicator, about 78% of parenting is the funny shirts and costumes.


No more dogs haha. At this point, we’re trying to figure if we can outfit them with backpacks to carry supplies around like mountain dogs do. That’s gotta work, right?


Trade Rasmus Ristolainen and sign Jake Gardiner


It’s wrong to not still be mad about it.


Thanks for everything!

I apologize to some of you for soon becoming the "always talking about his damn kids" guy, while also assuring anyone that is interested that I'll be keeping everyone updated on how we go. Sports radio is about shared life and shared experiences, and whether it's on the show, the website, a podcast, or wherever... sharing this with you guys and hearing back from all of you is something I'm excited to do.

Anyone that wants to reach out to me, please do: whitey@wgr550.com

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